Busting Cockfighters In Killadelphia

Animal fighting: one of the streets’ most brutal crimes. In Philadelphia, dog and cockfighting exists alongside drug dealing, illegal gambling and violent crime in the city’s criminal underworld. It’s up to the Pennsylvania SPCA undercover unit to find and punish the perpetrators of this abhorrent crime.

Philly Undercover follows the five-person unit working to bust the city’s underground animal fighting rings. With thousands of animals used for breeding and fighting, this team may be their only hope for escape and survival.

Former cop George Bengal leads Philly’s charge to fight the city’s growing animal fighting problem, using covert operations and undercover stings to target major animal fighting players. While dogfighting is prevalent in Philly, the merciless practice of cockfighting is also on the rise. One of the largest sports in Puerto Rico, rooster fighting is a lucrative business for the city’s criminals, and luckily the unit is able to follow roosters’ crows right to their cages. However, pinpointing the perpetrators isn’t as easy.

Follow the Philly undercover unit as they bust the city’s worst criminals to save innocent animals on Philly Undercover tonight at 9P.