National Geographic Photographers: The Best Job in the World

For 125 years, men and women with cameras slung around their necks have tramped every corner of the planet to bring back glimpses of our world – photographs that will grace the pages of National Geographic Magazine. Their assignments are legendary – from Kathmandu to Kansas City, the images stun, amaze, outrage, and touch readers. But it’s the stories of what it takes to get those pictures that have created the legend of the National Geographic photographer as the ultimate adventurer. The X-Men have nothing on these guys.
Cory Richards is the new generation of camera warrior – on the frontlines for National Geographic. Young, charismatic and fearless, he is tackling an assignment that will take him into unknown territory and challenge both his wits and his skills. He’s headed to Queen Maud Land, Antarctica where he will make first ascents of unexplored peaks.

He and his team are dropped at a remote location in the Wolthat Mountains some 100 miles from the nearest research station and any hope of rescue. Here they build a base camp and attempt to scale the ancient granite towers that surround them using the fast and light Alpine style. But nature has surprises in store for them, including hurricane-force katabatic winds which threaten not only their climbing, but their very lives.

But surviving dangerous situations is just part of the job description. “Being a National Geographic photographer is a bit like being James Bond,” says photographer Joel Sartore, “but nobody’s trying to kill you – at least most of the time.” As Cory and his team prepare for their summit bid, we break away to experience the amazing, funny, death-defying and touching journeys of 15 other NG photographers who have been chased by crocs, charged by rhinos, and discovered the Titanic … among other things.

Each of these photographers is standing on the shoulders of the men and women who pioneered a new kind of magazine – a journal of exploration that since 1888 has been taking readers around the world to witness things few of us will ever see for ourselves. Early photographs from the tomb of King Tut, the bathyscape dive to the bottom of the sea, the first flight over the South Pole, and the discovery of Machu Picchu remind us of the wonder of the new and the never-before-seen – all captured by National Geographic photographers.

This new National Geographic special is a celebration of the hair-raising and hilarious tales of some of the most talented photojournalists on the planet … and the fantastic images they have been bringing back for over a hundred years so National Geographic Magazine readers can learn about “the world and all that’s in it.”

Tune in to National Geographic Photographers: Best Job in the World tonight at 8P.


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    What other days/times will this documentary be shown on tv?

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    Is the DVD of this available?

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