Yukon Miner Lingo

Sluices and jigs – are these dance moves or mining terms? From technical terms to miner slang, the Yukon Gold crews have developed their own mining language. Learn five vital words here:

Pay Streak: an area where a large deposit of gold is concentrated. The Holy Grail for miners, Yukon crews travel from site to site looking for these elusive and highly profitable veins of treasure.

Sluice: a mechanical channel that controls the flow of water, used by miners to trap gold particles. Sluices take many forms on Yukon Gold, like Ken and Guillaume’s massive twin contraptions the Beast and Bad Attitude.

Jig: a machine that separates the heavy gold from mud and other lighter material. A vital step in the excavating process, the jig shows the miners whether they’ve struck gold or come up empty.

Tailings: waste rock from the sluice plant. These piles of rocks can get in the way of mining, and when time’s of the essence, clearing the waste from the site can waste valuable hours.

Paydirt: gold, the treasure the Yukon Gold miners have traveled far and wide to chase.

Hear miner lingo in action on Yukon Gold tonight at 7P.