Ultimate Animal Kingdom Throwdown

Tonight on Animal Fight Night, a tripleheader of animal brawls features throwdowns from the plains of Africa to the South Pole to the inside of a shark’s womb.

First up is Savannah Smackdown, where Africa’s wildest animals turn on their own kind, fighting to the death on the plains’ unforgiving battleground. Hippos defend their harems, upstart lions challenge an alpha male’s authority and giraffes incapacitate their opponents with a single swing of the neck. From elephants to dung beetles, there’s no mercy for savannah wildlife on the African plains.

Next, Fight Night travels to the Wild West for Rumble in the USA, spotlighting the country’s fiercest fighters, big and small. In the Yellowstone wilderness or under the blazing sun of the Sonoran Desert, bison grapple head to head and rattlesnakes tangle in combat. Antlers, fangs, stingers and horns are employed by the Wild West’s beasts to take down their opponents, from a mustang’s triple kick of a mustang to a scorpion’s deadly bite. In the harsh range of climates with predators at every turn, the animals in the Wild West must fight to survive.

The earth’s coastlines are the last Fight Night arena, as Beach Brawl explores the meanest and smartest fights from the frozen Arctic coast to the tropical waters of Indonesia. The night’s most diverse set of fighters, borne of the seas, will face off from the poles to the equator. Komodo dragons, Tazmanian devils and car-sized elephant seals will all employ their deadliest natural weapons to defend themselves against their animal kingdom foes.

Who will come out on top? Find out tonight on Animal Fight Night at 8P.


  1. susan m petersen
    United States
    October 7, 2013, 3:02 pm

    I watched Animal Fight Night and have a comment regarding the Rocky Mountain Elk piece that was featured. The commentary stated the young bull that was fighting a was a yearling bull. I have watched elk all my life. The younger bull was NOT a yearling bull. Someone should verify please.