Lost in the Woods? Here’s How to Survive

Preparing for Doomsday takes a lot of teamwork, and sisters Dawn Marie and Ashley’s constant fighting jeopardized the family’s mission. Brent’s solution? Leave them in the woods together to fend for themselves.

Watch: Brent surprises Ashley and Dawn Marie with a team-building trip into the forest.

The two sisters have to strike camp on the fly – and make it safely through the night. If you’re caught in the woods, take these precautions to stay safe until you escape.

Step One: Build A Fire
When the girls get caught in a rainstorm, they have to scramble to start a fire to stay warm through the night. After Ashley finds dry leaves for fuel, she uses a traditional DIY fire-starting method – striking flint against steel to produce a spark. If you’re heading into the woods, bring a backup flint and steel set in case you’re caught without matches.

Step Two: Stay Bear-Aware
When Ashley hears strange noises in the woods, she worries a bear has found her site. It’s easy to stay safe from bears when you’re in the woods – as long as you keep your site’s smells to a minimum. Bears have excellent sense of smell and love the tempting aroma of human food, so eat at a different site than your sleeping area, store leftovers in bear-safe containers or bury them far away from your camp, and keep all food out of your tent – the scent can lure a bear straight to your sleeping area. And ditch your strong-smelling perfumes, lotions, deoderants and insect sprays – a few bug bites aren’t worth a bear attack.

Step Three: Snag a Weapon
When Ashley crafts a DIY weapon from a pitchfork in the woods, she’s onto something – arming yourself can be useful in the wilderness. If you went into the woods without a Swiss Army Knife, form a blade in a side of a stone by chipping at it with other rocks; use that as a knife or lash it to a branch to make a spear. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, lash a round rock to a sturdy branch to make a hammer.

Step Four: Find Clean Water
You won’t last long in the woods without clean water that’s safe to drink. Ashley lucked out in finding a stream of safe running water, but purifying your water is the only way to ensure it’s clean. If you have the materials, boiling your water is the best way to purify it. If not, pour your water into a clear plastic PET bottle and let it sit in the sun for at least six hours. Chemicals like chlorine bleach and iodine can also purify water – just make sure to research the correct dosage to avoid poisoning.

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  1. porchrd
    September 24, 2013, 11:54 pm

    This man seems to show he has far more money than
    grey matter!!!
    How do you think that so called castle would stand up to a RPG or a Barrett 50 cal. armor piercing bullet not to mention
    C-4 or good ol dynamite???
    There is nooo way that it would.
    I also noticed on you top of the castle where your sentrys
    would be that they would be like sitting ducks in a shooting gallery. Those cinder blocks are only waist high and make
    all of you a very vulnerable target. You people are living in
    la la land and need to really wake up. I can see why your
    ratings are so low.

  2. JRnFLA
    September 26, 2013, 2:15 am

    The dad is an absolute whack job and his kids remind me of brainwashed cult members blindly following their “father messiah.” If his kids were younger, child protective services would take them into custody because he is an abusive and negligent dad. He must have inherited the money he wastes on his bldg because it is quite obvious that he is not smart enough to make any money. Where are the 2 wives/mothers? I presume they are both ex-wives because no one in their right mind would put up with his extreme paranoia. Besides, his castle is basically a death trap for his kids. A small team of determined could easily breach his walls. I had always respected National Geographic but NatGeo TV is surprisingly, and disappointedly, filled with a lot of trashy shows that are about the TV equivalent of The National Enquirer or Star. It is time for NatGeo TV to regain some class and respectability by canceling trash like doomsday castle and its ilk.

  3. jennifer alvarez
    buena park,ca
    October 8, 2013, 6:17 pm

    dat happen to me
    and well it was a park
    man good times