A New Generation of “Biker Babes”

Tonight on Let It Ride, Zach and his crew visit the racetrack to consult an expert on sport bikes. Turns out, it’s female racer Monica Lee Paige, who schools the dudes on the correct gear. Later, the guys meet up with a Jeanie, a rider who wants her bike to stand out from the boys’ – commissioning a complete pink-and-rhinestones makeover. What do Monica and Jeanie have in common? They’re part of a new generation of female motorcyclists, a larger crew than ever that ride just as hard as their male counterparts while redefining the “biker babe” persona.

In fact, there’s no better time to be a female motorcycle rider in the U.S. Statistically, numbers of female riders are on the rise, increasing over the last decade to top 7 million riders. Membership to female-only motorcycle groups like Women on Wheels is increasing. Motorcycle sellers are responding to new demand for women’s gear, from bikes sized for smaller bodies to helmets, gloves and outerwear designed for female riders. And Harley-Davidson, the stalwart grandaddy of biker brands, is taking notice, launching marketing campaigns aimed at attracting and educating female riders.

And as more women join and contribute to motorcycle culture, the more the stereotype of the “biker babe” as grizzled and tough-as-nails breaks down, resulting in a more inclusive biking community. Jeanine’s “girlie” makeover of her bike, daring to rock pink in a sea of black leather jackets, is more than a paint job – it’s an empowering move, making a statement of female equality and acceptance to bikers everywhere.

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