American Vampire

Vampires and vampire bats have one thing in common: they feed exclusively on blood. Hacking through Mexico’s jungles, Casey Anderson follows caver Scott Davis who discovered a cave he dubbed “the torture chamber.” They catch and identify fruit-eating and insectivorous bats, but no vampires. Nearby, a rancher has found signs of an attack: oozing wounds where a bat has made an incision and fed. Casey is vulnerable among the vampires and cattle, but he’ll finally be able to untangle truth from tale.

In this clip from the show, Casey’s quest for vampire bats takes him into a dark, uncharted pit of earth known as “The Torture Chamber.”

And, if bat caves are a little too intense, here’s a baby bear to lighten the mood. Casey stopped by Huffington Post Live to talk about the show, and he brought some furry friends along:

Tune in to America The Wild: American Vampire this Sunday at 10P on Nat Geo WILD.


  1. Dave mcclain
    Beaverton Oregon
    September 22, 2013, 8:10 pm

    The American vampire episode was a classic example of a total disregard for proper science procedure. Any creditable program that honors science would have known that white nose syndrome is destroying bat population. America The Wild took no precaution regarding the spread of fungus spores when the entered into bat hybranacaloriums . The explorers and video crews wore clothing and shoes that could spread the deadly spores. Shame on you