Drugs Inc IV Episode 1: San Francisco NGCUS Ep Code: 10266 NGCI IBMS Code: 042729Mexican super meth is infiltrating the United States and because of the cut rate prices and purity of the strain; it’s spreading like wildfire. The San Francisco Bay area acts as the primary hub for it’s infiltration into the United States and as a result, it is the area that’s most suffering the initial consequences of this super meth. At half the price and double the strength, this Mexican super meth has quickly become the street drug of choice, taking the place of crack cocaine and leaving it’s users with even more devastating consequences.

Drugs Inc IVEpisode 1: San FranciscoNGCUS Ep Code: 10266NGCI IBMS Code: 042729In low doses, meth increases energy, an initial burst, and then an uneasy restlessness. The drug is most known for it’s ability to induce euphoria in high doses. After injection, users experience a warm wave, a high known as ‘the rush.’ Not long after, the rush subsides and the overwhelming adrenalin-like side effects begin to burn into the deep wells of the user’s mind. Drug users like Colby, featured on Drugs Inc: San Francisco Meth Zombies can stay up for days on end, reporting even up to 8 sleepless days and nights after shooting up. Meth’s grasp is like a vice grip on users; even long after a comedown has subsided, depression and lethargic behavior can remain for up to a year. For most, the quick solution is just another hit.

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