Hangout With Jason Silva

Jason-Silva-590x442Are you a technology enthusiast, an inventor, philosopher, or dreamer? Breaking through the forefathers of techno-philosophers such as Terrance McKenna and Marshal McCluhan – the men that led the charge on exploring technology when it first gained momentum in the 1960’s, Jason Silva, host of Brain Games is the techno-philosopher and “wonder-junkie” of our new age. Aside from consistently dropping awe-evoking facts and exercises to give your brain a mind-bending workout on National Geographic Channel’s series, Brain Games, Jason has also been an orator at TEDGlobal 2012 as well as captivated the audiences of IBM, Google, Intel, and Microsoft – and now, you.

rotsnake-590x442Send in questions that will blow the mind of the mind-blower on Mind Blown: Hangout to explore how your brain works.

Don’t just be a bystander, bring this conversation to life! This LIVE Google+ On-Air Hangout will dive deep into how this secondary force of evolution, technology, is moving our modern world and how it is allowing us to extend our reach as explorers and augment the human brain. What are the possibilities of technology? How will this further open up a whole new world of exploration? What are the risks? What is technology capable of today?

Send in your questions and you could be invited to join the Hangout and ask your mind-blowing, thought-provoking, curious questions LIVE with Jason Silva.

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Thirsty for More? See how savvy your brain is and take the Brain Games Challenge to reveal your total brain profile.


  1. Sarah
    Adamsville, Tn
    July 22, 2013, 6:57 pm

    I was wondering when the new season of brain games will air on natgeo? We are anxiously waiting to get to see it! Thanks!!! And my whole family loves the show!!!!