Wild’s Cutest Snow Babies

Need your daily dose of adorable? These little cherubs belong to a special group of baby animals born in some of the coldest and harshest environments on Earth. This cast of impossibly cute and incredibly tough Snow Babies will find out what it takes to survive in an icy climate. On their journey to adulthood, there is no greater test than their very first winter. Here’s a healthy serving of cute, but for the full episode of Snow Babies tune in to Nat Geo WILD SUN JULY 21st 10 PM ET.


The Emperor Penquin
While their moms are miles and miles away, catching fish for their chick’s arrival, these little chicks are  hatched and raised by their dads.




Snow Babies; NGCUS Ep Code: 10848

The Arctic fox     
Fox cubs eventually show signs of adulthood, making the transition from pack animals to displaying signs of independence, fighting over their food. As adults, Arctic Foxes live largely alone – it quickly becomes every pup for himself.



Snow Babies; NGCUS Ep Code: 10848

The Japanese Macaque
Also known as ‘snow monkeys’, the Macaque colony has a strict pecking order with a queen-like female that rules the group. The adult macaque’s have thick winter coats, making them well eqipped for winter.




Snow Babies; NGCUS Ep Code: 10848The Polar Bear
Food is scarce in the arctic. If this cub is going to make it through her first year, they will have to be continually on the move, learning to hunt from from his patient, loving mother before the Winter’s sea ice melts.


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