Nature Governs Life

In a time before supermarkets, grocery stores, and anything engineered for convenience or timeliness, there was only one way to sustain a lifestyle – go out and forage your own path. Before we could buy packaged meat, we had to hunt, kill, and butcher it ourselves, a practice that seems pretty savage to most in today’s prepackaged world. But there are those who still rely on this lifestyle and to truly value it, one would have to experience the necessity of it.

The Life Below Zero cast can testify, in some far corners of the earth this lifestyle is still a necessity. Everything about the natural world governs life in the desolate reaches of Alaska. Where is the herd at this time in the season? Is the frozen lake thick enough to cross? Am I, myself, being hunted? Nature governs everything and there are no guarantees.

From dealing with impending weather to competing with local wildlife, this Sunday’s Life Below Zero: The Chase demonstrates each member of the cast’s unique challenges when dealing with the forces of nature.

Don’t miss Life Below Zero: The Chase SUN JUL 14 10PM ET

“There are no guarantees implied or given in a hunt. All I’m guaranteed is the opportunity to try.” –Sue Aikens


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  2. MarilynC
    United States
    July 22, 2013, 11:05 am

    Another show dedicated to killing. Is it necessary? Do humans have to continue to eat flesh for survival? Is this belief system adequately challenged by Nat Geo or other media forums? I respectfully submit a link to a better understanding of our choices, or lack of therein. I also respectfully ask that Nat Geo give at least some time, if not equal as it should be, to the concept of not eating flesh, and of not glorifying the killing of it as well. Granted, I don’t have to watch, and I don’t, I am merely asking for a more diverse representation of what killing animals entails, whether they are designated farm animals (!), or wild, and why man may not need to continue this trait or custom.

  3. Randy
    January 5, 2014, 2:27 pm

    is it me or the guy from Eagle is an _ _ _ _ _ _ _! he treats his wife pretty badly. he is acting like a child and not respecting his wife… no respect what so ever towards to his wife. i don’t understand why the lady is putting up with his nonsense. i really do feel bad for her. he should man up and show respect for his wife.