A “Grizzly” Welcome

Ultimate Survival Alaska; Episode 109; NGCUS Ep code: 9505; NGCI IBMS Code: 041425One of the last things any hiker wants to run into on the trail is a bear. Highly territorial, large, powerful creatures with huge teeth and claws bring a shudder of fear to anyone that comes across one. With the highest density of brown bears in North America, Admiralty Island presents it’s own unique challenges for the Ultimate Survival group this week.

Technically, humans are the minority on the island so the likelihood of an encountering a brown bear is high and the Ultimate Survival crew arrive just in time for the bears’ prime feeding time for the season. This time of the year, hungry brown bears are devouring everything in their site – not exactly the best news for the Ultimate Survival crew.

Ultimate Survival Alaska; Episode 109; NGCUS Ep code: 9505; NGCI IBMS Code: 041425For one of their last legs of the expedition, the men will need to travel by both land and sea, carefully navigating through the ravenous population of brown bears. Brent Sass and Tyler Johnson desperately need to redeem themselves after their mishap on leg 9. Iditarod champion Dallas Seavey and his brother Tyrell run into unexpected trouble that sets them over the edge, leaving no option but to call on their friends for help. Matt and Mountain man Marty Raney seem to have a couple tricks up their sleeve but will leaving the safety of the water, carrying their boats through the unexplored bear country prove worth it to them? Once again we are faced with the question of whether or not all the men will make it to the extraction point. What team will sustain an unexpected and immobilizing injury in the heart of the bear covered island?

Watch Ultimate Survival Alaska: Beasts of Prey to find out.