Living Treasure

NGC: Fish Tank Kings II: Little Mermaids (ep 6)Ep Code: 9663IBMS: 041723Francis and Jose butt heads on a major project, creating the perfect living aquascape for a raffle at a local fish dealer, Allfish. Nearing the project deadline, facing their toughest challenge yet, Jose and Francis come together to complete a true piece of art for the Allfish raffle.

When Fish Tank Kings get a call from one of their most demanding clients, they are forced to stretch their creative muscles of aquatic genius to the max. Dr. Kawa is a major client with an already outstanding collection of aquascapes and Fish Tank Kings need to find the right centerpiece to top them all. Fish Tank Kings’ fish expert, Francis, offers an extremely dangerous and equally impressive solution to their competitive tank woes. Francis performs an extremely delicate and rare procedure, providing an intimate view never before seen of a developing embryo for a marine variety completely unique to Dr. Kawa’s collection.

Check out Dr. Kawa’s complete collection and the aquascape custom built by Jose
and Francis on Fish Tank Kings: Little Mermaids this SAT JUL 6 10PM ET

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