Every Man for Himself

When living in a state with the lowest population density and the only neighbors are most likely wolves, everyday is a challenge and everyone’s hands need to be on deck and ready to get dirty.  Some walk alone; others have their families but all must overcome despairing odds to brave the wild and survive through to the spring.

Sue enjoys living alone on her camp in Kavik, AK but she certainly deals with hardships that are shared in other camps of the cast. It’s all up to her — what she eats… if she eats! The hunt is her full responsibility. In this week’s Life Below Zero Sue is on the hunt for ptarmigan, a challenging hunt to say the least. Check out the clip below to get a look at the challenges Sue faces when hunting these birds:

Kate Bassich is faced with her own challenges this week as she becomes the primary care-taker of the Bassich homestead in Eagle, AK. Andy, away for a Yukon River Fisheries meeting, has left Kate full responsibility while he’s gone. While very able to take care of the homestead alone, Kate is faced with an unexpected and unique situation that is threatening the well-being of their energy source, the solar panels. High winds, gusting around 25 mph could make for a disastrous situation. Check out the video below to hear what Kate has to say Andy’s trip.

Much like Sue, Erik prefers the solidarity of living alone. “There’s no rules here. There’s no schedule here. There are no social norms. I don’t need to adhere to any kind of timetable,” Eric remarks on living alone in Wiseman, AK. The only problem is, when things go south — like when you accidentally plow over a bush and break your snowmobile for example, help could be hundreds of miles away. These conditions make for a lifestyle of independence. Check out Erik’s camp tour and how he survives Life Below Zero.

Chip and Agnes are living in a considerably less remote environment, living in the tiny town of Noorvik, AK. While they do live in a small isolated community, Chip and Agnes assume their own fare share of risks, traveling at times more than 60 miles to hunt. Relying on precious gasoline and their snowmobiles, each time they leave for a hunt they are faced with the risk of being stranded miles away from rescue. Find out more about Chip and Agnes lifestyle in the video below.

Check out Chip, Agnes, and the rest of the cast’s adventures on Life Below Zero: Cold, Dark, and Alone this SUN @ 10 PM


  1. Buck owen
    August 22, 2013, 12:57 am

    It depends on what you might call ‘remote’. Sue really lives “remote’, Andy and Kate live 12 miles from a town and a road thet will take you to Terra del Feugo, and Erci drives from his house to anywhere, while the Hailstones live in a village with no roads in or out, only snow machines, boats or airplanes.
    I would say they all do fine , where they are.