Doomsday Preppers Prepare for Expo

Imagine you’re unwinding at home from a long day at the office, sheltered from July’s thick heat by the cool air blasting from your air conditioning unit. Unexpectedly, a flash summer storm knocks the power out. An hour turns into a long, sticky, dark night. Then, three days. Finally, a full week. Would you have batteries in a flashlight? A fully-charged cell phone? Supply of bottled water? Sudden, brief power outages might be common annoyances, but extended periods without power raise greater concerns, from carbon monoxide poisoning to unsafe tap water.

People from around the country will gather in Denver, Colorado this weekend for the nation’s first ever Doomsday Expo, an open-to-the-public event focused on providing disaster preparation information, services and products. While “doomsday” is the mainstream, attention-grabbing term, this convention is focused on ensuring you are prepared for whatever that personal doomsday might be for your family and community – whether that means a night in the dark or a nuclear meltdown. With the motto, “Preparation Starts Here,” this full-education series of Doomsday Expos spans the gamut of preparedness and caters to both beginner and experienced preppers.

Some might suppose that all preppers are extremists, but the organizers behind the trade show want to debunk this common assumption. Says Eric Fischbach, Chief Operating Officer for Doomsday Expo. “Our focus is this – everyone’s a prepper in real life. Filling your tank with gas at the beginning of the work week is prepping. We’re trying to reach every family out there, and we don’t care what their reason is, from camping to the apocalypse. As long as they need information, services, and supplies, we want to help everyone.”

Expo attendees will include individuals affected by natural disasters or those living within a region of specific threats, like tornadoes in the Midwest and wildfires in the Centennial State. They may want to learn about administering tactical first aid or applying “fire-proofing” treatments to a home’s exterior. Other expo attendees may seek out information on preparing freeze-dried food or what to do when the well runs dry. Those dwelling in urban, high-rise buildings might seek training on buying and using a generator if the power goes out, tips on stockpiling goods when storage is at a minimum, or how to survive if trapped in a building until help can arrive. Other individuals may want specific defensive training on what to do if their home were to come under attack, whether it be from Extra-Terrestrials or terrorists.

Doomsday Expo organizer Fischbach says that an unexpected crisis “might not be the end of the world, but it’s the end of that family’s world as they know it. You cannot just plan for one event. We are not only focusing on long-term survival – which would be the cause of the most recent threats by North Korea should they become real – but it is important to make sure that you are prepared to care for your family in the wake of another hurricane, snowstorm, or other natural disaster. So look at your community, your region, your climate… What are the biggest threats that could happen, and how could you prepare?”

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The Doomsday Expo will feature a range of workshops, with speakers sharing personal testimonies, presenting prepping strategies, and offering product giveaways. Vendors in attendance will be promoting dry food products, water filtration systems, and camping gear, to name a few. Need camouflage attire? Check. An off-road vehicle? Check. Want to build a bunker? Sell your gold? Purchase metal detecting equipment? Check check check. Doomsday expos are a one-stop shop for preparedness. “If you think you might need it in a crisis situation, it’s going to be there,” says organizer Fischbach. “We definitely are not discriminating against anyone or their beliefs in why they are preparing and what for… the main goal is to prepare for yourself and your family, for any situation. Our goal is to make this the most informative and educational event for preppers so everyone can get the basics and advanced information, no matter what stage of prepping they are in.” There will be a series of 13 Doomsday Expos in the next year, with convention dates across the United States, and as far as Sydney and Vancouver.

The National Geographic Channel will be holding a casting call for its third season of Doomsday Preppers at the expo in Denver. This series explores the lives of otherwise ordinary Americans who are preparing for all sorts of situations.


  1. Jim
    June 29, 2013, 7:03 pm

    I went to the Denver Doomsday Expo expecting to see a lot of people browsing the booths but there were not many people at all. I found out about it from Twitter. Not til 3 days before the event did I hear about it on the media outlets. Very poor advertising!

  2. John Q. Public
    July 2, 2013, 6:39 am

    Never heard of it until just now.

  3. Joseph Bagshag
    The Alamo taking over when it ever hits the fan
    July 11, 2013, 8:46 am

    I used to get a kick out of watching these slugs prepare for the end. I will not watch anymore. Seeing Steve and his kid throat a goat for training purposes was it. Go to the store and spend some of your wealth on lunch idiot. No reason to do that for training purposes. They would never eat it anyway. They obviously are rich enough to buy cattle, chickens and whatever they choose, pay someone to farm them, pay someone to butcher them, and pay their personal doomsday chef to cook them. Oh yeah, all of you preppers should know that by being on this show, you just informed everyone in your area what you have. Even if it is an undisclosed location, it’s not hard to follow you from your everyday home to your bugout place. If it does ever hit the fan, people who don’t already know where your spots are, they will just watch these shows again on the Internet and before you know it, the preppers will be fighting hordes and will lose their hard earned hideeho’s. myself, I have guns for home protection, a lot of class 3 stuff, and I plan on being in the hordes that take. Just like claiming a zone in Iraq. And quit using military terms if you aren’t military. Just because you have an AR and a tact vest doesn’t make you a soldier. Dumbasses.

  4. Joseph Bagshag
    Your bug out spot
    July 11, 2013, 8:55 am

    Nobody will advertise for a preppers expo because its a waste of money. There are only a select few retards who actually spend money on prepping for the end of the world. Not near enough to even have a low attendance at a preppers expo, and anyone who attends one of these things is mainly there to make fun of these idiots, not get ideas or bargains on water purifiers. Oh yeah, just a reminder preppers, if the end does come, me and numerous like me, will be gladly taking your stuff.

  5. Ron
    July 27, 2013, 8:05 pm

    Joseph Bagshag, You might try and take, but you will not succeed. Your not as smart as you think you are.

  6. Derek Tonn
    August 6, 2013, 9:17 pm

    Watching more episodes of Doomsday Preppers (background noise while I’m doing email and what-not), I got to wondering…

    About half the people profiled on the show are probably what you might designate as “clinically obese.” Not a couple pounds overweight. We’re talking they could drop 40-50 pounds and still be a bit on the heavy side.

    These people are obsessed with weapons, food, water, more weapons…when odds are probably high that if they were to succumb to anything if the world did go “Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome,” it would be their own bodies/health. Diabetes. Liver/Kidney/Heart issues. Strokes. Heart Attacks. Et al.

    So if people are obsessed with surviving “the big __________,” why don’t they start by getting themselves into a healthy state? Where they could actually make it 3-6+ months without any medications, any shots, any visits to the doctor? With the added benefit of them having more $$$ to buy more “guns and ammo” if they aren’t burning thousands on bills and tests at the clinic (or society having to pay thousands less for their care)?

  7. Kay McCarty
    August 8, 2013, 6:20 pm

    What are you people trying to do? Scare the kids to death. These programs will make the kids want to do what they want to since it won’t matter doomsday is coming. These problems are sick to the kids and some others too.

  8. Jim D
    August 24, 2013, 12:01 am

    Isn’t there enough mayhem etc. going on around us that Nat.Geo is now not much more than Tabloid fodder ? Or, is it all just about the ” money ” ? How can anyone take this seriously ? Is there really anybody watching this ? Fine way to bring up your kids ! Asinine does not approach the definition of this ” show ? “.
    You can certainly count on me for continued donations ! Not !!!!!

  9. CindyG
    October 8, 2013, 2:14 pm

    Me and my family enjoy watching this show very much even though some people seem a little off. It has given us so many ideas on how to prepare for an overdue California earthquake let alone SHTF.