“Favorite Places Off The Map” – Week 6

Summer is officially here and from the looks of  it, a few of you have already started your summer vacations!  Thanks to @insipre_photography, @bettienne, @mypixtoyou, @corriecoleman, @chesterhuang, @luismunoznajar, @fdagostino, @_ashdavis_, @happygeckodev, @serotinous_dreamer and everyone else who has entered our #NGCTakesYou Instagram contest so far. You’ve got less than a week, so if you haven’t entered yet….


  1. John D. Seymoure
    June 28, 2013, 3:06 am

    I don’t understand why with what we already know about Marijuana that it can’t be used to alleviate pain. We know it helps. The Dr.s are giving out OxyContin in varying amounts and its more powerful than Marijuana so why not let people on the harder drugs for pain at least try marijuana and see if it works. People do on OxyContin so why not let us try Marijuana so we can fight pain and live. It makes me feel like the Government wants to kill me instead of help me with the pain. It would be a lot cheaper. I pay $400 /month minimum for Oxy so why not let me try medical marijuana. They made me try every dangerous drug known to man before I could get relief with OxyContin. I just want the pain to stop. I am tired of paying half of my social security to pay for pain medication, OxyContin. Also, if its legal anywhere in the USA then I am being discriminated against. That guy who got hit in the head in the Fort Collins Dispensary probably had that guy hit him on the head so he could get medical Marijuana. I don’t see why a guy who got a knock on the head can get it but a guy who went through 5 back surgeries and 3 of them were screw ups by Dr.s and I pay out the butt for OxyContin and still have to deal with pain every day! Legalize Marijuana and regulate it and help people fight the unnecessary pain!

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