Unbelievable Secrets To Unlock Youth

For centuries many have tried to unlock the code to eternal youth and beauty, crossing oceans and travelling to far-away lands in search of the proverbial ‘fountain of youth’. From powerful elixirs to the sorcerer’s stone, many have undergone extreme measures – measures one might even call, Taboo. This week’s Taboo USA: Forever Young exposes some of the most unconventional and eccentric methods of preserving youth – some more socially acceptable than others but none-the-less extreme.

Taboo USA: Episode 7: Fountain of YouthNGCUS Ep Code: 9798NGCI IBMS Code: 041960For Brighter Skin Urine for a Treat
‘Yogi Zen’ is a man on the search for youthfulness has rediscovered an age-old elixir of youth and beauty, his own urine. Urine is said to be the key to vitality, brighter skin, and even stronger vision in some cultures. Many cultures practice urine therapy, dating back five thousand years ago, in ancient India, where people believed it to be a way of rejuvenating the body and soul. Today, some modern cultures embrace urine therapy. For instance, Japanese women use urine for baths and skin care and three million people of the Chinese population are said to drink it. Meanwhile, most Americans are “just pissing it away”, according to Yogi Zen.

Taboo USA: Episode 7: Fountain of YouthNGCUS Ep Code: 9798NGCI IBMS Code: 041960Breathe “Prada” Every Day and Relax
Another secret of beauty is eating healthy. Pour eating habits are known to be a cause of stress, fatigue, and even more serious diseases like obesity. For Kirby De Lanerolle, a Sri Lankan guru who practices breatharianism, eating healthy is taken well beyond calorie counting extremes. Kirby claims to live off the nourishment of a spiritual energy he channels around him. “There are energy sources out there that are greater than the food calories that you are putting in your body”, says Kirby. However the common belief in the medical world is that the body does rely on the nutrients in food to stay alive.

Taboo USA: Episode 7: Fountain of YouthNGCUS Ep Code: 9798NGCI IBMS Code: 041960Tone Up Fast
Exercise has been found to provide many health benefits associated with metabolism and even the cardiovascular system within healthy moderation. However, Christian Boevring claims to have found a less than conventional health secret to a young and energetic physique through the use of anabolic steroids commonly used in professional sports. Despite several known health risks and often strict regulatory laws, Christian claims the benefits far outweigh the risk. Christian claims the anabolic drugs make him feel healthier, more youthful, and stronger but there was one side effect Christian could have never prepared for – a surprise you’ll have to tune in for tonight at 10 PM.


Taboo USA: Episode 7: Fountain of YouthNGCUS Ep Code: 9798NGCI IBMS Code: 041960Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Let’s face it (no pun intended), fine lines and wrinkles come naturally with age as the skin is exposed to the elements and tends to lose a certain quality of elasticity. There are certain measures that can be taken to lessen the appearance of lines like nutrition, limiting sun exposure, and moisturizing but one Los Angeles resident, Steve Erhardt, has taken his precautionary measure to an extreme. Steve has had 53 surgeries and procedures, mostly on his face, in his personal quest for the illusive fountain of youth. Displaying symptoms of a disorder that affects 2% of the American population, Body Dysmorphic Disorder; Steve believes his multitude of surgeries are “reasonable” and believes himself to be an ageless man. To Steve, the fountain of youth
is on a surgeons table.

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