Getting Off The Grid

If you’re living off the grid in Alaska, you’re always living life on the edge. It’s amazing the persistence and will power every member of Life Below Zero continues to show us, but why do they do it? There always seems to be some sort of monstrous threat to survival in these remote locations. This week we see that patience and hard work pay off for some like Sue Aiken who has recently – rather, desperately – awaited a much needed fuel supply to sustain her camp. But for others – the hardships have just begun.

With spring on the horizon, Andy Bassich is working relentlessly on stockpiling timber before the break up of ice and ground destroy precious timber. Of course, such adventures prove to be difficult to take on alone. Even with his beloved wife Kate at his side, there is a whole multitude of problems that are both mentally and physically taxing that often makes us – as witnesses from the comfort of our living rooms – wonder; why bother? It seems to be for the love of the lifestyle that no one else can understand until they’re immersed in it. Perhaps it’s for the love of true freedom that living off the land and few, humble modern necessities afford. The danger is certain; the risk is high, but for those who choose the lifestyle – the rewards far outweigh the risk.

Check out the videos below for incredible Life Below Zero camp tours for a more personal look into the lives of those courageously living life below zero.

See how Kate & Andy Bassich get by off the grid in Eagle, AK

Erik’s Camp in Wiseman, AK

Sue’s Camp in Kavik, AK

Chip & Agnes’ Home in Noorvik, AK

Be sure to catch this episode of Life Below Zero: There Be Monsters JUN 23 10PM ET


  1. Val Hobson
    McHenry, IL
    July 14, 2013, 10:10 pm

    Sue – Just LOVE this show! All of you are SO interesting!! We so look forward to the show every week – hate to hear the season finale is coming as we’d watch it every week, all year long! We saw you on Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Flying Alaska & now Life below Zero! You are an amazing woman! So ambitious, hard working & fearless! Just love this show! We live not far from where you are originally from (McHenry, IL) so that makes us feel even closer to you! May God watch over you & keep you healthy & safe! Sure hope this show continues – tell Natl. Geo. we love this show! Well done! Thanks!!

  2. John A
    Los Angeles CA
    July 3, 2015, 12:56 am

    What Happ. To Andy Bassich. is he sill.on the show?