Take the Final Challenge and Reveal Your Total Brain Profile

Have you been taking the weekly Brain Challenges? If so, it’s the week you’ve been waiting for — the final challenge is here! It’s the last piece of the puzzle to discover your complete brain profile. For the last challenge, we’re testing your lie-detecting skills. Think you’re good at telling fact from fiction? Click on to complete the last quiz:

LIAR, LIAR Challenge - Question1


Complete this final episode challenge to reveal your total brain profile! What’s a brain profile, you ask? Well.. here’s mine!



Miss a challenge? Don’t worry, you can go back and complete missed challenges, easy to access from your gallery of posters page! I’ve collected all of mine, how do you compare?



And don’t miss the season finale of Brain Games: Liar Liar this Monday at 9P.


  1. Presten Brooks
    July 2, 2013, 10:40 am

    Brain Games! A fitting title due to the fact that a great portion of what they are presenting in the last two episodes of season2 is deception. I’m focusing in on the episode dealing with liars. The actor purposely deceived by giving off signals that are normally associated with lies when he was being truthful and vice versa when he was lying. That was minor and also expected. The real “game” that aggrivated me was when room service was delivered in the previous episode “illusion confusion”. There was so much deception involved in this scene. When the waiter first brought the food in, they were all acually what they appeared to be. A plate of chicken. A serving of cheese on a cutting board. And a glass of water with flowers in it. Then HOLY DECEPTION! They changed the camera angle 3 times showing you one item at a time photo copied, and then leading you to believe that they were all photo copies in the first place. Each angle they showed only consisted of one photo copy from the angle of their choice. And the xray vision, forgetaboutit. You are not seeing through your finger. You are seeing around it because it in the only position that your eyes can actually see around. Now I have said all this and it may sound like i’m not a fan of the show. This is incorrect. I truely like this show, but it needs to stay true to form. Honest deception. Thats all I ask for. Those were the last two episodes of season 2. If this is the direction you are taking the show in, then you will have lost me as a viewer.

  2. Debbie Martin
    August 9, 2013, 10:40 pm

    I agree with Presten Brooks. In addition to the deception he mentioned, there was another thing in the Illusion Confusion episode that was simply wrong.

    When asked to follow the football with your eyes and note where it is when the red circle flashes, their explanation was backwards. Most people said “30 yard line”, when in reality it was the 20 yard line. Then they asked something like “Why did the majority of people jump the gun, seeing ‘into the future’?” — Well, if they are seeing it at 30 yds when it really happened at 20 yds, it’s LAG, not the other way around. And it’s probably attributable to reaction time.

    So I call shenanigans on this program, and have to wonder who in the heck vets these shows. Lame.