#ASKaFISH: Tweet With Times Square via Interactive Billboard

The Fish Tank Kings are back this Saturday with an all-new season filled with more mind-blowing, one-of-a-kind custom aquariums. To mark the occasion, we’re taking over a Times Square video billboard with a live stream of our very own interactive fish tank. But this isn’t just any aquarium, this tank is home to four fish with big personalities (and technological prowess) who are ready to answer your most intriguing questions via Twitter.

Starting tonight from 6P-10P EST, tweet with hashtag #ASKaFISH and your tweets will have a chance to show up live for all of Times Square to see. The funnier and more interesting the tweet, the better chance it has of being selected. Just imagine… your name up in big city lights.

So let’s get to know the fish you’ll be tweeting with, shall we?

Eddie the Eel - @ftk_eddieEddy the Eel: @ftk_eddy

Eddy the eel is stressed out by everything. He’d breathe into a paper bag to calm down, but the thought of putting a bag near his head makes him too nervous.



Ang the Angelfish - @ftk_angAng the Angelfish: @ftk_ang

Newly arrived, Ang the angelfish is thrilled to be in the big city. She’s enthusiastic to the point of missing the point, always in wonder of the world around her.



Leo the Lionfish - @ftk_leo Leo the Lionfish: @ftk_leo

Leo the Lionfish is a little prickly. Seriously. Keep Leo as your friend, because you wouldn’t want him as an enemy. Consider him a New Yorker of the ocean.



Jasmine the Pufferfish - @ftk_jasmineJasmine the Pufferfish: @ftk_jasmine

As one might expect from a golden dogface puffer fish, Jasmine is a bit full of herself. Look, but don’t touch—she’s not just vain, she’s poisonous!



Follow along from the Fish Tank Kings Tweet Tank website to watch the conversations unfold and see what Times Square is witnessing on the billboard from your home. Be sure to check it out tonight from 6-10P. After tonight, you’ll have two more chances to partake—the fish will be back in action Friday from 12-4p and again on Saturday from 6p-10p.


  1. Ted
    May 31, 2013, 3:56 pm

    Great Bill Board

  2. Scott Stines
    Thousand Oaks Ca.
    June 1, 2013, 8:44 pm

    Watching Fish Tank Kings and enjoy the show. However I don’t think they should take fish from the ocean. They should use farm raised fish that don’t know the difference.

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