Making a Promo: Behind the Scenes From the Locked Up Abroad Shoot

By Katie Smithson, Writer/Producer

Ever wonder what it’s like to shoot in the morgue of an abandoned military base on Long Island? Yeah, us too!

So that’s why we put this little video together to share. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the Locked Up Abroad promo shoot.

It was a long cold day, but we really can’t complain – the actors were the ones actually being tortured with a power washer at 1AM in the freezing cold. (We did give them Starbucks between takes.) Anyway, check it out!


Tonight on Locked Up Abroad, Eddie Padilla is living the “high life” in Maui: surfing, partying and drug smuggling to support his cocaine addiction. But a run-in with the Peruvian police on a smuggling trip lands him and two friends in a prison called “The House of the Devil.” The guards say they expect them to try to escape, but if they don’t make it … they are killed. Even so, they decide to do whatever it takes to get out. Eddie shares his story of being Locked Up Abroad and the terrifying events that led to his freedom.

Tune in to Locked Up Abroad: Hippie Mafia tonight at 10P


  1. Kaya
    December 28, 2013, 3:00 pm

    Umm , can you tell me the name of the actress which plays Dayanne , I loved the story and I didn’t like what she did but I really liked her look. So I would be really happy if you tell me her name 🙂 Thank you.