Who Will Come Out on Top? Don’t Miss the Season Finale of Wicked Tuna

With only three days left in the North Atlantic Bluefin Tuna season, the captains of Gloucester race against each other – and an oncoming storm – in the battle to land their final fish of the season… and the captains are feeling the pressure. Some have had great success while others have struggled to stay afloat – financially and literally – but regardless, each boat wants to end the season on a high note. All it takes is one huge fish to turn the tide, but with the waters getting rougher and a storm forecast to hit the fishing grounds, the last fish won’t come easily.

Gloucester’s reigning Bluefin champion, Dave Carraro of FV-tuna.com, started the final week with a tremendous lead of $20,000 over his nearest rival, but so far he has struggled and has not landed a fish. His previously cocky demeanor has given way to sheer desperation. Dave’s decision to fish inshore and save on expenses, rather than follow the migrating Bluefin out to Georges Bank – like many of the other boats have done – may have cost him his title as the top-earning boat for the second season in a row. But if he can turn it around and catch a quality tuna before the season closes, he might hold onto his lead.

Meanwhile, young skipper Tyler McLaughlin of New Hampshire boat, the Pin Wheel, is having one of the best trips of his season. Tyler came to Gloucester with the aim of out-fishing the veteran local boats and he is focused on beating Dave in the earnings. Earlier in the week, Tyler took the risk of heading to Georges Bank, which is 150 miles from shore, and was rewarded with two huge tunas. Tyler knows that may not be enough to achieve his goal of having the Pin Wheel be the top-earning boat of the season, so he is sticking it out on Georges – in the face of an oncoming storm – in the hope of catching a third fish that could potentially put him ahead of Dave.

Captain Dave Marciano of the Hard Merchandise also made the trip to Georges Bank hoping to catch multiple fish in this final week. Marciano’s season has been marred by his ramshackle boat almost sinking, multiple breakdowns, and few fish. With only a few days left, Marciano is desperate to stockpile more money to help get his family through the winter off-season. He caught one fish earlier in the week, but he’s determined to catch another. With the storm forecast to move in over Georges Bank, Marciano will have to weigh his desire to catch more fish against his need to keep his boat afloat.

Paul Hebert, captain of the Lisa & Jake, also steamed out to Georges Bank earlier in the week, but he and his crew were able to pull in the legal limit of three fish and headed to Gloucester to weigh-in. Their epic haul brought their season earnings to almost $42,000 – an astounding amount considering Paul has been captaining the boat for less than five weeks. But when he started on Lisa & Jake, he set himself a goal of earning at least $50,000 in Bluefin, and with three days left to go, Paul and his crew head back out in the hope of catching another monster tuna. With rough weather hitting, it’s not going to be easy.

No-one is more desperate to land a good tuna than Bill Monte, captain of the Bounty Hunter. After a miserable season of bad luck and questionable captaining, Bill has only two tunas totaling about $4,400 – a pathetic sum for almost 14-weeks of fishing. But the Bounty Hunter won’t go down without a fight, as Bill and his long-suffering mate Scott Ferriero steam out in a last-ditch attempt to catch a big one and save their season.

When the season closes at the end of this final week of fishing, there will be a six-month wait before Bluefin will return to New England waters. With only three days left to earn money to get them through the off-season, the captains are counting on finishing strong. In the world of Bluefin tuna fishing, a lot can change in three days – in fact, the Gloucester fleet is counting on it.

Tune in to the season finale of Wicked Tuna: Endgame this Sunday at 10P and visit to the leaderboard to see where the fishermen currently stand. Here’s a sneak peek from the finale:


  1. greg sill
    May 12, 2013, 1:39 am

    Dave is a complete and total asshole! A spoiled12 year old kid, who has the mentality of a 10 year old. TUNA.COM.. Real inventive name. GO BACK TO SLEEP!

  2. greg sill
    May 12, 2013, 3:07 am

    How does your wife put up with you? You have absolutely no sense of humor, no zeal for life. Wait are you even married? I will stop watching the show next season if you are still part os the cast. Competition is one thing. Anger and resentment are something completely different. Like I said: Go back to sleep you geek!

  3. Edward Logan
    United States
    May 12, 2013, 8:36 pm

    wow Very cool season May the Biggest fish win Go Boys …

  4. Chris Knox
    May 13, 2013, 12:51 pm

    I am confused. What happened to Marciano’s boat? I am sure I saw at the end of the season 2 finale his boat had sunk. Yet when I went looking for information, it seemed as if the incident had taken place in 2012. Can someone help here please?

  5. andy
    May 14, 2013, 8:43 am
  6. anonymous
    May 17, 2013, 11:35 am

    Do you know that tuna is an endangered species? Do you also eat tiger or panda? I thought National Geographic was smarter.
    It is hypocrite that Nat Geo Wildlife promotes the beauty of wildlife, but still they broadcast a show about hunting an endagered species?! This is hypocrite

  7. Billdotcom, lol
    Florida USA
    May 19, 2013, 11:22 am

    The first season I only lightly watched, but did not really concentrate on Wicked Tuna. I was able to catch up off season, and really enjoyed season #2! As far as the results this yr. goes, except for poor Billy on the Bounty Hunter, Marciano on Hard Merchandise and let’s not forget the mates on the “DaveDoesDrama”, I’d say the results came out perfectly! *GREG Sills above, don’t give up, We need a psychopath like Dave to keep things interesting! The Producers couldn’t have written a better script! At first I didn’t like Tyler on the Pinwheel much as he seemed privledged and cocky, but he calmed a bit and after really getting to know DaveDotDick, Tyler became who I was rooting mostly for because he was the only one with a chance to beat TDC! He really did a great job knocking down Dave! Pauly did a great job in less than 1/2 season, and really showed us all just how much Dave is the loser he is! Plus he did better than Dave overall in his abbreviated season which I am sure still bothers Dave! TDC’s mates should team up and find a better Captain to work for, Dave’s mental state might get you both killed especially now that he lost! I am sure many chances will be taken to regain his lead in season #3 as he will never be able to take back to back losses! Regarding all fishing shows, overall I will place “WT” #2, a close second to “Deadliest Catch”, but they have a 9 season advantage! For fans of Catch, now you can see who Elliot will turn into as he gets older, *Dave Dot Com! Dave, just watch the reruns and realize just how petty you really came across! Heck I feel you have taken over from DC’s Elliot as the “Most Hated” Fisherman on TV, deservingly! Billy, Marciano Tyler and Ralph, I really hope to be watching you all in season #3, great job on a lousy season to you all!
    DaveDot, what more can I say???

  8. Billdotcom, lol
    Florida USA
    May 19, 2013, 11:34 am

    Fantastic finish to Tyler on the Pinwheel, the producers couldn’t have written a better ending! After one of the worst seasons ever, you guys really did a great job knocking DaveDotDick off his throne! Dave’s petty manner was embarrassing to anyone who has ever used a fishing pole!
    I feel bad for Billy on Bounty Hunter and Marciano on Hard Merchandise, I wish you both much better luck in season #3!
    DaveDot, I just hope you get all you deserve! Just don’t kill the 2 poor mates in trying to regain your lead!

  9. Billdotcom, lol
    Florida USA
    May 19, 2013, 12:16 pm

    Dave Dot Com is an embarrassment to anyone who has ever picked up a fishing pole!