Bunker, Party of Seven

Leianna, a mother of seven, is concerned about climate change affecting crops and creating a food supply issue, resulting in panic. She has reached out to the Forge Survival Supply Team to help her assess her options for buying a bunker to protect her family. Leianna’s ideal bunker would consist of a place for her many children to sleep, a cooking area that is bigger than a single cook top, storage space for all of the food that they need to eat, and a separate room so family members can “get away.”

But the Forge Team isn’t just about selling products, they are about teaching the realities of prepping; and in this case, bunker living-conditions. They feel that Leianna’s request is unrealistic and they want to make sure she understands the challenges of life in a bunker — especially with a family her size. Claustrophobia, sleep deprivation, losing track of time, and spreading of sickness in tight quarters are real threats that the Forge Team wants to make sure Leianna is considering.

So the team sets out for reality-check time and invites Leianna and five of her children to try hanging out in a bunker for a while.

How will they fare? Tune in to Apocalypse 101: Guns, Bunkers, and Grease tonight at 9P to find out!


  1. G8R8U2
    April 2, 2013, 11:17 pm

    Where did they find these idiots? I can’t believe I just watched them not only suggest, but actually help a woman staple chicken-wire over a window. What happens if there’s a fire inside the place geniuses? You’ve just blocked one of the escape routes; and the fire’s location might prevent the inhabitants from getting to another window. I don’t know what city they’re in, but in the 3 states I’ve owned property, that’s not even legal.

    Almost as stupid is the boards on the floor with nails in them, and the windows blacked out. Uummm, if the power’s out and the windows are blacked out, aren’t the residents more likely to step or fall on the nails than any potential intruder?

    If these guys were any more brilliant they’d fall into the box-o-rocks and bag-o-hammers category.