Lords of War: Day of the Nighthawk

This week on Lords of War, Sean and the guys are in Fort Myers, Florida in the search for the best military items and collectibles for their auction. Tonight Jim meets a man with one of the most rare British sub-machine guns: the Vickers. These are an iconic military item  used throughout WWI and WWII. The seller expects to sell this machine for $35,000, but Jim needs to make sure it can fire and function before taking it to auction. This can be a potential big sell for the boys.

Shooter meets with a woman that decides to take it all after she breaks up with her boyfriend, which included a 45 caliber nighthawk she purchased for him as a gift. These unique handmade guns have remained in service for Special Forces teams since 1911.

Let’s not forget about Hammer, who meets with two veterans from the American Legions looking to raise money for building repairs. They are in possession of an American flag made by Polish POW’s during WWII. When these prisoners worked in concentration camps, they displayed their defiance to the Nazi regime by making this flag out of scraps of clothing. The sellers are only willing to part from this priceless item for the right price. It is up to Hammer to see if he can meet their expectations.

Tune in tonight to Lords of War: Day of the Nighthawk Wednesday at 10P and see if Sean and the boys can find collectibles for their auction.


  1. Jeffrey J Reich
    United States
    March 13, 2013, 9:30 pm

    Please publish a story about the Polish POW American flag. That was one of the most compelling stories I’ve heard in some time. Please publicize it. I’ll help.

  2. Laura Allhands
    March 17, 2013, 3:58 pm

    Is there anymore info on the Vickers – the actual one in the auction – like how did the fella come into possession of it? Family, previous sale…? Just wondering where it might have been used etc….