On Set With Preppers: Filming the Coys

By Jessica Van Garsse, Field Producer

When you’ve been on the road for weeks on end, forgetful of what city or state you’re in anymore, have been on more flights than you can count, malnourished from the fast-food lunches and watery coffee, sleep-deprived and running on fumes, the words “that’s a wrap” are music to everyone’s ears, no matter how much you love your job or how epic the adventure. SO it speaks volumes that I had to tear myself, and my crew, away from the Coys at the end of our time together. I’m sure Kevin and Annissa were ready to see us off, after what had been a few long, full, and tough days of filming. But you never would have guessed it. I could stay talking with the Coys forever. Kevin’s unbridled enthusiasm about prepping, Annissa’s unconditional support of him, and their complete adoration for each other was so lovely to be around, and a joy to capture on film. They are true evidence of the wisdom that opposites DO attract – and they also make for great prepping partners.

Annissa is a woman who needs a plan – she likes order, organization, advance thought, and step-by-step strategies. She wants plans to be implemented when situations she has thought through begin to unfold. Kevin, on the other hand, is happiest when things go awry – when Annissa’s plans fall through, when everything around them is chaos, this is when he thrives. It may mean the two clash at times, but in all their years together, they have learned to make it work for their marriage, their parenthood, and now their grandparenthood – and from what little time I spent with them, they do it all with grace. The icing on the cake is that, when it comes to being prepared for the catastrophic volcanic eruption they believe will destroy the modern world, Kevin and Annissa find they are the perfect duo – she works hard laying the necessary plans, and he steps in when doomsday throws them a curveball. They’re survivors, and a couple to be admired, even if there is a little eye-rolling now and again.

Tonight on Doomsday Preppers: A Fortress at Sea we profile Captain William E. Simpson, who lives in Portland, Oregon and fears a solar flare will lead to major collapse of the American power grid. Bill is training his relatives to operate the Iron Maiden; his bulletproof bug-out sailboat. We also meet, Kevin Coy, who is anxiously preparing for the Pacific Ring of Fire, a chain of volcanoes threatening the Pacific coast. Kevin has turned his caravan into a moving pantry and converted a charter bus into a mobile military battle bus. When the moment strikes, he’s ready, and he’s taking it all with him. 

Tune in tonight at 9P!


  1. ron
    March 5, 2013, 8:35 pm

    wow just watched ddayprep profile a 15yo future mass shooter. Cant get past the fact that the last several mass shooters had prepping ties. These are super paranoid people and liabilities to society. The last thing we need if the shi# hits the fan is a bunch of paranoid preppers mowing us down with their assualt rifles. The show was fun at first but the more profiles I see the majority of these people have serious issues. The guy that took dates to his missle silo priceless #biggestcreeperalive

  2. Lyndee
    New Castle, Colorado
    March 5, 2013, 11:32 pm

    Being a loyal watcher and fan of your channel, I was quite disturbed by the pig killing tonite. To describe this as “humane” was anything but. The distressed squealing was too long to be humane, and the shot of the bloody knife was over the top. Shame on that man and shame on you National Geographic for that poor excuse of a demonstration of “humane” treatment of any animal. Slaughtering for food I get – doing it in that manner, never. You have lost a fan and a watcher.

  3. Trent
    Jefferson City mo
    March 6, 2013, 10:49 pm

    I agree with Lyndee that episode was disturbing when they killed the pig I understand why they did it i get all that but they could have turned the sound off. I DVR it so I had to fast forward I couldn’t listen to that. The show use to be good I watched every episode but anymore the people that r on the show r getting crazier and crazier. like the 2nd guy on last nights episode at the end when the experts go over what they have done he didn’t listen to anything that they said. Then tell them they don’t know how it is out at sea why did he even do the show if he didnt want to take in any info they gave him I don’t understand

  4. Nick
    March 6, 2013, 11:38 pm

    NGEO you really need to show more everyday Americans because all the people you show anymore send a crap ton of money preping and the average American doesn’t have extra money to spend on a bull-it proof boat or a missile silo and stuff like that there is only a very small amout of people that can spend that kind of money prepping. I would really like to more everyday people that have to be creative and smart on how they prep so they can show more ways to prep at home like the old days or the first season.
    I mean like last nights episode they guy with the boat how far and long does he think he is going to get and the guy with the log cabin your going to haul that thing how far r you going to get do people not think of gas he may get somewhere and set up camp but when they have people wanting what they have what was the point

  5. […] on-set-with-preppers-filming-the-coys   very kind words from our film crew they were great to work with became our friends and taught us so much about producing T.V. in the feild. This was one of the top ten greatest things we have done in our lives. You never know what will happen until you put your self out there and get out of your comfort zone. Well we know now and it’s incredible . Learning by doing is the most in the moment exhilarating  way of feeling your alive and present here and now live and on the edge . Real and focused 15 hours a day cameras on you can be daunting and intimidating to say the least . I have never been so out of my comfort zone and yet so comfortable at the same time. I Am most at home when there is chaos and craziness it’s what I thrive on . Let me run out of air 100 feet under water on a shark dive and I’m all grins its just how I roll I mean how do you really know if your alive if you don’t live on the edge? I’m just sayin throw me into the unknown that’s where I belong ( kinda like capt Kirk  where is my star ship ? ) see you soon… […]

  6. Mike Gaunt
    Spokane, WA
    March 7, 2013, 7:16 pm

    Boy did you guys get duped this time. I have watched this program many times. I really thought that these people on the show were pretty wacko, but for the most part really believed in this doomsday prepper stuff. But after watching this episode on the Coy’s, I just don’t beleive it. I know these people personally and They are not prepper’s.In my opinion they are just motivated by cash and will do just about anything to draw attention to themselves and be on camera. Don,t beleive me, search Kevin Coy on You tube and just look at some of the rediculous stuff they will film to be in front of a camera. They are wacko all right, wacko enough to have used you to further their goofy cause.

  7. george jungle
    N ca
    March 13, 2013, 11:39 am

    glad to see you fooled the “experts” with your batter DIS-charger you must spin a car alt atleast 1,000 rpm to charge,look into a permanent magnet one or spin WAY faster +sad to see you’ll give up your guns but move you arm back to about 2 Oclock on the trebuchet

  8. wilson e. costello (bud)
    mt morris michigan
    March 24, 2013, 8:58 pm

    hi ? I was wondering if their is prepper,s in Michigan, and where are they ,,I am getting ready for a nuclear attack and a power outage ,i am just starting to collect stuff, i like the program, very much, i would love to meet someone doing this, thank,u for showing the truth, about this world,,