Search’n fer Pirates Booty

Ahoy there, mate! Tonight we have a special episode o’ Diggers, where the boys be on th’ hunt for actual pirate treasure! Out in the swamps off Louisiana, KG and Ringy be at it again with the hopes o’ find’n legendary caches o’ doubloon, treasure pieces of eight that pirate Jean Lafitte may have buried in the bayous in the blitheringly early 1800s.

Jean Lafitte is a swashbuckler right out o’ a story book. But he be more than that – a privateer, entrepreneur an’ consummate ladies man! He built a small empire o’ pirates operating in the Gulf o’ Mexico, using Louisiana as a stagin’ ground. He even played the role o’ patriot, cuttin’ a deal with  Andrew Jackson to help defend the city o’ New Orleans dur’n the War of 1812.

Their quest takes them from the site o’ a fabled “Lost Pirate Plantation” in a blastedly old Spanish Custom House, navigating past alligators an’ follow’n leads from a gun-tot’n character aptly named “Gator.” They even make a bet that whoever finds the coolest artifacts gets to watch the other kiss a wild gator.

Clearly, KG and Ringy will do whatever it takes to fulfill their dream o’ diggin’ up pirate treasure.

Tune in to Diggers:Pirates Booty tonight at 10P and practice your pirate talk and see if KG and Ringy can bring in the treasure. Ye don’t want to miss ‘t matey.