The Rocket City Rednecks Are Back… And They’re Headed to Jay Leno’s Garage!

The Rocket City Rednecks have won over all sorts of fans with their southern charm, including late-night legend and car collector Jay Leno, who invites the Rednecks to his garage in Burbank, California and tasks them with building a steam-powered catapult that can launch a vehicle similar to the way a fighter jet is launched off an aircraft carrier. Always up for adventure, Jay and Travis strap into the elaborate contraption and they pull six Gs in just seconds.

With only a short time and a limited budget, the Rocket City Rednecks continually challenge themselves to find creative solutions to a wide array of real-world problems. The tragic tsunami and earthquake that rocked Japan last year inspire the guys to build a survival pod capable of withstanding flood, fire and falling debris. Closer to home, the Rednecks enter a NASA contest with the hopes of launching a manned rocket one mile into the sky.

The Rednecks also continue to be passionate supporters of America’s troops and returning veterans. Motivated by a family member who served multiple tours in Afghanistan, they develop a lightweight full body armor suit designed to protect soldiers’ arms and legs without inhibiting mobility. To prove their invention works, Travis ran the 37th Annual Marine Corps Marathon in the 40 lb. suit. Also this season, the guys team up with Hope for the Warriors to help a wounded veteran get back into the woods for a good old-fashioned boar hunt from his wheelchair.

The Rocket City Rednecks bring big hearts and lots of smarts to an exciting new season full of hillbilly ingenuity.

Tune in to Rocket City Rednecks: Alabama Blast-Off at 9:00 p.m. when the guys bring new meaning to the term “mile-high club,” the Rednecks enter a NASA contest with the hopes of launching a man-capable rocket one mile into the sky. The custom 20-foot-tall missile boasts two engines and about 3,000 pounds of thrust fueled by a mixture of ammonium perchlorate and aluminum. The passenger on this rocket will be a test dummy the Rednecks name after the Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin, the first man into space. The goal: Once the rocket reaches one mile, explosive charges will shoot a parachute out—and allow the capsule, and Yuri, to float safely back to earth.

Then, catch Rocket City Rednecks: Jay Leno’s Steam Racer at 9:30 p.m. when “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno calls, the Rednecks answer … and fast! The guys fly to L.A. to visit Jay’s garage—a hangar-sized building where Jay keeps his personal collection of classic vehicles—and to help him build a “steam catapult” that will launch a car forward, just like an aircraft carrier catapult-launches jet fighters. The Rednecks scrounge through Jay’s equipment and find an old dune buggy that they think would be a good vehicle. If their calculations are correct, the steam catapult will fire the dune buggy at massive acceleration: from 0 to 75 mph within 10 feet, shooting it at least 100 yards, and applying the pressure of about 5 Gs—more than space shuttle astronauts feel at launch.


  1. John D .Seymoure
    Jacksonville, Illinois in Morgan County
    January 4, 2013, 6:14 am

    I was watching the episode where you were trying to stop Soldiers from dying from IED’s. I think if you could use the soda or beer cans filled with a dense liquid and they we’re de to where they didn’t or couldn’t be opened and use them standing in a honeycomb design with a Thin layer of Kevlar on each side like an Oreo cookie it may stop the deaths of numerous American Soldiers lives. Just thought I might be able to help. I am disabled and have no access to that type of materials or equipment but you do! I really enjoy your show! Keep it going!