Chasing UFOs Sighting of the Week: Caught on Camera in Royal Oak, MI

This week’s sighting comes to us from Royal Oak, Michigan, where eyewitness Joel Pilon captured this photo the night of July 16, 2011. He tells us his story:

…saw movement in the sky, alerted everyone I was with. It wavered in zigzag formation then almost like it told me it was leaving, I said , “watch it’s going to take off now” bang gone in a instant, Get back to house about fifteen mins. later, everyone is telling everyone else back at the house about what we just witnessed. Then out of nowhere it appears almost like it wanted us to see it again. That’s when I had my camera ready and got this fabulous pic, If you filter out the glare it appears to be pear shaped. I immediately typed in UFO sightings for this day and area, and got multiple sightings earlier or around the same time as mine, incredible. I believe.

Great snapshot, Joel. It sounds like the UFO you sighted displayed some behavior often seen in UFOs— it moved quickly in a zig-zag motion and changed position at angles that no known man-made aircraft can replicate. We especially like that you did some research to find out if there were more people out there with similar sightings.

What do you think of Joel’s sighting? Visit his report in our UFO Sightings Tracker to “believe.” Or share your own!


  1. Richard
    August 10, 2012, 4:34 pm

    Chasing UFOs. NatGeo’s low point of all time. It’s so ridiculous that I think it’s created by UFO debunkers. Any rational person with a open mind and who has not already formed an opinion would have to conclude that, if this is what people are claiming to be UFO evidence, then the entire UFO subject is total bunk.

  2. Todd
    August 11, 2012, 5:01 pm

    Chasing UFOs is grate drama for my 8 and 10yos but as to being anything remotely serious regarding the subject a dismal failure.

    All fluff and no substance. NatGeo dump this dog.

  3. Gerald
    San Jose, CA
    August 16, 2012, 3:11 pm

    Dumbest reality show on TV…just can’t watch it anymore. So contrived (as most are) that it should have a warning screen at the beginning ..”this show will contain 4 instances (right before commercials) where Ryder says “Oh My God!” The last one in Brazil did it for me and my grandkids…..
    1) A night spent in Brazilian “rain forest”…looking for lost aliens but then you go to sleep in the tent
    2) Going into a cave with torches…really….torches!!
    3) Obviously camermen are in there with them….ahead of where they are going. Duh…
    4) Nice shoes to go hiking…open and more like sandals?
    I guess the Alien culture believes in leaving behind their own..that’s why such an advanced society would chose to live in the jungle? Eat those spiders.

    Discovery Channel….please don’t insult us anymore with this stupid show. I DO like sound scientific views about UFO’s ..all this does is irritate me (and others as I see from posts).

  4. Mr. Salinas
    RGV Texas
    August 17, 2012, 11:18 pm

    The show becomes more pathetic as each week goes bye…As Richard stated….it’s a show about UFOs…but it’s run by debunkers????????? Really???….So this is like a scientist trying to find the cure for cancer knowing he/she doesn’t believe in cures……WTF….they actually debunk the whole show……simply pathetic…..scientific analysis??/ don’t think so…

  5. Dean
    August 18, 2012, 6:42 pm

    Yeah I have to agree… I was hoping this show would take the subject seriously instead of just creating drama out of nothing. Most episodes have some kind of “encounter” with an animal of some sort which is totally over dramatised. The “scientific” analysis is just ridiculously pointless as the useless experiments never have a chance of proving or disproving anything. Drop this and come up with a serious show about UFOs please

  6. Robert
    Edmonton, AB, Canada
    September 19, 2012, 9:45 pm

    Love to watch shows on ufo’s. However, i have a problem with the “reality” of your program.
    Most important observation I just have to comment on is the lack of stealth your cast do when investigating. Most obvious are the shoulder cams everyone carries and the lights they have actually turned on when trying to be stealthy. I mean, really guys!!! Even a novice would understand that having flashlights burning in the night is an automatic magnet for discovery by those your trying to not be seen by. They also seem to have no problem turning multiple flashlights on at sensitive times. The question just begs to be asked: ” how does anyone expect to discover anything with that lack of stealth.” Can you imagine a soldier in enemy territory walking around with that much visibility?? He’d probably last 35 seconds, right?
    So, although the subject of your programs are tremendously interesting, it might lend a lot to reality of the director of this program tried to inject a little more reality into it.

  7. clint
    October 15, 2012, 9:53 pm

    OMG…tomorrow were going back to Michigan

  8. Paul
    Pangnirtung Nunavut
    January 22, 2013, 7:16 pm

    the 3 of are so lucky chasing ufos u guys and girl are living my dream keep doing what your doing nat geo can i get a jod on chasing ufos?