Chasing UFOs: Game of Drones

What if we’re not only being visited by UFOs, but we’re also being watched? That’s the theory among some in Florida who say sightings of small glowing orbs are proof that alien drones are here keeping tabs on planet Earth.

To verify these claims, Ryder, Ben and James travel to the Sunshine State to look into these reports. They’re intrigued by recent video of the space shuttle Endeavour blasting off from the Kennedy Space Center. In it, there’s a small object that appears to be trailing the shuttle on its journey into space. Looking for leads, the team organizes a small gathering of launch enthusiasts who share their experiences of seeing these small objects. What’s remarkable is the similarity between all these stories: The witnesses describe small glowing orbs that are able to do remarkable things in flight. The orbs hover, they dance, they shoot across the sky and come to complete stops. What’s more, these eyewitnesses say they’ve seen them around Kennedy Space Center. Armed with that information, Ryder, Ben and James launch a daring mission to surveil the Space Center in hopes of seeing one of these objects.

Believing that NASA may know more about these small objects than they’re letting on, the team goes to meet with someone who was on the inside. Dr. Edgar Mitchell was the lunar module pilot for the Apollo 14 mission. As the sixth man to walk on the moon, Mitchell was ensconced at NASA for years.

As the team pushes on with their investigation they travel south, right to the very edge of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle to meet a man who said he had a very close encounter with one of these objects. This man, Santos Bruno, said that he spotted one of these objects in his front yard. He tells the team it was a glowing orange-red object, shaped like a football and that it hovered in his front yard for several minutes before moving across the street and then shooting off into the sky. What’s more, Bruno tells them this object left burn marks in the grass. The team takes samples of the area, believing that there may be residual evidence. If the team can determine why it burned, they may also be able to say what burned it.

From there, the team moves out into the vast and forbidding Everglades. Inside this alligator-infested river of grass there’s a local who’s reported seeing a similar object. Johnny Cobbler is a local legend in the Florida swamps. He’s an alligator wrestler, musician and all around raconteur whose story mystifies the team. Looking for answers, they travel with Johnny deep into the Everglades to where he had this encounter.

Traveling by airboat they arrive at the remote location. Though they’re miles away from civilization, they aren’t alone. Surrounding them is a reptilian army of snakes and gators, which soon proves perilous as Ryder, Ben and James try to find out whether Earth really is being spied upon by a fleet of alien drones.


Tune in to Chasing UFOs: Game of Drones tonight, August 3rd at 10P et/pt.


  1. Steve
    August 3, 2012, 4:18 pm

    This is unfair, Dr. Edgar Mitchell didn’t know this show was a complete farce before he agreed to do the interview.

    I find it much too amusing when they do their night investigations in the boonies and sticks to search for evidence of something that happened over 50 years ago, with face-cams and bright lights being directed at their faces. Then one says, “what is that?! Is it a bear? I can’t see, the light that I have directed into my eyes is blinding me, I can’t see a thing” Total face-palm moment for the viewer. We can only hope that they do the same in the swamp amid the alligators, maybe Testosterone Ryder will find evidence of a missing limb. “You guys, I found something! But I am feeling a little dizzy too!”

  2. KCM
    United States
    August 4, 2012, 8:18 am

    Regarding Game of Drones episode … I live in Vero Beach, Fl, which is about 60 miles south of the Kennedy Space Center. We easily saw all shuttle launches from most parts of town, best at the beach.
    In September of 2006, I was outside around 5.15am, having a cup of tea, getting ready for my day. It was a specially memorable as the space shuttle was due to return early that morning (around 6ish I think) to Kennedy … I remember remarking that it was a clear, dark, moonless light therefore the sky seemed darker than usual.
    As I was looking up at the stars, a habit from childhood, I suddendly noticed something darker than the dark of the sky. I refocused my eyes and was stunned when I realized that a huge, black, triangular craft was silently, oh so slowly, cruising right over my house. Because it was dark, I could not get a height perspective. Careful observation revealed 2 very, very dull lights across the back of the triangle. No trees moved, no sound, no electrical disturbance.
    I ran through house to go outside to street to watch it better but by the time I tore through the small house to the street, it was gone.
    I immediately drew what I saw, noted the time. Most of all thought that it was as if the area was being patrolled before a shuttle activity.
    I always just felt that there was a connection to that and watching your episode confirmed it.
    We have experienced many instances of colored, multiplying orbs here over the years. One sighting seen by a group of fathers and daughters out on a camp out … my daughter included.
    Just add this to the files confirming we are definitely not alone …

  3. steve
    melbourne, fl.
    August 4, 2012, 8:40 am

    Stating the light Ryder saw was a reflection was ludicrous. Would a reflection go behind the tree?

    I have delivered papers here for almost 18 years and I’ve had a couple of sightings I have yet to get explained. Florida is flat and there’s a lot of sky to see stuff in, and more than not you’ll see stuff that just doesn’t look like anything normal…as in planes, satellites, meteorites, etc,

    You’re lucky to have not gotten picked up by homeland sec. or the coast guard, not to mention but by a gator when you were walking in the water at the Cape.

  4. Renee
    Torrance, CA
    August 4, 2012, 2:01 pm

    I watched the “game of drones” episode last night. When Ryder first spots the object to the left of the palm tree, that was pretty awesome! But, while she was looking at the left of the palm tree, I think she missed the triangle object to the right of the right palm tree near the top of the screen. Re-watch this episode at about :30 into it. It appears to be going to the right and can be seen for 1/2 sec. I live in LA where we are having mass sighting too as of late :)

  5. Ethan Allen
    Tacoma, WA
    August 4, 2012, 2:58 pm

    If you guys come to Washington and are interested, we know the location of the ”Maury Island Incident” and are willing to share it. We also know the location of the one stretch of beach that was not cleaned up by the millitary after the incident.

  6. Steve Ryan
    Oregon, USA
    August 4, 2012, 4:21 pm

    Just wanted to say, I Love your show, and I hope it stays on for a long time; however many more years you guys want to keep doing it.

    Last night’s show was another good one. Ryders vanishing ufo was intriguing, and talking with Edgar Mitchell was cool. Whole show was good as usual.

    What Makes it great imo, is that of course you do a very good investigation, but also that you guys have fun with it. I think: These are people who are very good at what they do, but also remind me of good friends that I could have a drink with at a bar. It’s a nice change of pace, from other investigators I’ve seen who are good, but just way too stodgy.

    Well, take care guys, and keep up the good work :)

  7. vere
    August 4, 2012, 5:54 pm

    Vere surprised that Ryder didn’t notice the top right corner of the screen, to the right of the palm trees. Something, not an airplane, drifts away from the trees. And, earlier, there were items visible between the trees first shooting downward, and then, later, shooting upward in the same track. Most interesting yet unexplored.

  8. George K.
    Englewood CO.
    August 6, 2012, 7:17 pm

    I wish to echo the comments of “Renee” and “Vere”. To miss especially the craft that comes out of the palm trees and moves left to right out of screen was inexcusable. This occurs at the 33 to 34 min. mark and deserves some comment or further examination.

  9. Mike L.
    Toronto CA.
    August 7, 2012, 6:01 pm

    S01-E06 Game of Drones:
    At Bruno’s House; “the seen with the palm trees” and the “light moving towards the plain”, its called a Corona and a Lens Flare.

    The Flare is coming off of the guy on the ground; hitting the camera that the audience is watch, and the effect of the angle from both events cause the Corona. The Corona is the part that “parallaxis” into the distance (up/rite in this case). What’s cool is, Iv never seen one with night cameras, but I see them all time because I’m a videographer (25 years), and I’m also a special effects compositor and I work with “fake Corona and Lens Flares”. I do believe in UFO’s but this shot is evidently a Corona and Lens Flare, and you can really see it when the camera is sped up.

    Further more, you see the effect in all the shots. If you show any video editor they will see the exact same thing I’m explaining there.

    PS. the triangle object to the right of the right palm tree near the top of the screen is the same thing… a Corona and a Lens Flare.

  10. Ben McGee
    August 7, 2012, 6:45 pm

    @Renee, @Vere and @George:

    The object to the right of the palm tree was a lens flare caused by the extremely bright infrared light we are walking with seen down on the left side of the street. Don’t believe me? The “craft” that comes out of the trees only starts moving when our light moves, and there is an identical (but reversed) shape at the bottom-left corner of the screen that moves off-screen in the opposide direction (to the left) exactly symmetrically with the “object” at the top-right.

    For more info (and a picture!), see my blog on the science behind the show here:

    Hopefully you guys find this helpful!


  11. GoScott
    August 10, 2012, 1:42 am

    Hello UFO Chasing Team….

    I’ve watched almost every show and your team only has a small idea of what you are dealing with. In the Drone show were you were on the property of a cop, “Orbs” were identified as dust particle’s when the Orbs were so thick that it looked like a hatching to me.

    The current dominate UFO/aliens are Orbs, “Extra Interdiminsional Plasmatoid Beings.” I made a video that You Tube blocked showing a single Orb at the opening of the Olympics.

    Your difficulty in understanding what is going on as far as UFO Orbs, probably lies in the fact that these beings morph, and have Shape Shifting abilities, and can appear as a variety of objects from air planes to stars.

    I really don’t suspect that NatGo will allow you to post your findings in a TV show if you were to come to the conclusion I have though research, do to public safety concerns.

    I cannot express the amount of danger these beings pose, but much of what I have learned can be viewed on my YT channel as I’ve taken this step by step.

    Best regards…Scott REV 18

    Homestead, Florida
    August 14, 2012, 9:27 pm

    I want to congratulate Ben, Ryder and James for such an entertaining show. I am also honored that National Geographic and James Fox had an interest in showing my sighting on national TV, however I believe that certain corrections has to be make on my story and to clear the record I will say that the RED OBJECT that me and my wife photographed was a real object and in no way, shape or form was a reflection of any camera lens or a hoax of any type. The photograph we share National Geographic Chanel is of the red object that MUFON analyzed by the best photographic analyst Marc D’ Antonio. He could not explained why was a pure direct RED light on this object that was higher than any laser beam light and the reason why would the camera flash would bounce back from the object on the photo spectrum analysis, proves that this was a real object and in no way was a reflection of any laser pointer nor a camera flare. Curious enough I am asking why is it that National Geographic mixed my second and third sightings when they were two totally separate sightings? My second sighting was the red object at the front yard hovering around the palm tree shown on nine photos. The third sighting was a metallic sphere that touched ground at the back yard and trace evidence were found, collected and analyzed by MUFON on scorched round spots with white ash suggesting that the grass did not burned but any liquid from it evaporated on a small round spot from the top of the grass to the half of the grass itself leaving the grass almost clear in one spot and on the other spot the grass was burned in a circular shape without any flammable chemical. I also though a lot of science was supposed to be used to give me better answers; I kept this sightings quiet from the public for more than a year due to fear of ridicule; and to actually see the sighting turned around on national TV to someone elses benefit for ratings instead of benefit for science exploration and yet indirectly try to be debunk by someone suggesting that all I saw was a reflection of a camera lens is very disappointing to me and my family who trusted the words of NatGeo TV producers who from the very first time we met that stated that this was a serious research and not a wild goose chase for entertainment. I KNOW WHAT I SAW. And the only reason I went public was to motivate military and civilian law enforcement to come forward with their evidence and stories for the benefit of science and humanity. To Ben, Ryder and James congratulations for your ratings and to National Geographic, please get your facts together. Best regards from the Bruno Family.
    Retired ARMY SGT. /
    Current state law enforcement
    SGT Bruno

  13. Gord Seifert
    October 11, 2012, 12:55 pm

    Well, I have given this program too much of my time. I am tired of hearing these actors jumping to unwarranted conclusions at every opportunity. I have seen many launches on TV and in almost every case there are terrified birds flying everywhere between the camera and the vehicle being launched. The cameras are using telephoto lenses. Anything anywhere near the camera will be out of focus. If that smudge in that video wasn’t a bug, it was a bird. I am also tired of watching these fools wandering around in the dark whispering into their radios and yelling ‘Oh my God!’ and ‘What was that?’. Any excuse is good enough to break out the night cameras and wander around in the dark with no real plan at all. What were they trying to accomplish wandering around the launch site? Nothing at all. Just another excuse to break out the night cameras. What absolute garbage. I will not be watching this or anything else on the National Geographic channel in the future since they have gone to sensationalism over all else.