‘Chasing UFOs’ Sighting of the Week: A Strange Encounter in Lake Wales, FL

This week’s sighting comes to us from Chere Conner, who shared an experience from 1994 that made her a believer:

Driving west on Hwy 60 back home to Lake Wales, Fl. Myself, my daughter, her 2 friends and their father was driving my Mazda. Kids were in the back snoozing. We looked up and saw lights coming towards us. We pulled over in astonishment and realized it was slowing down as it got close to us. When it was overhead it spun silently with 3 flashing lights under neath it. There was a bright white light in the center. Steve and I were standing outside the car and yelled into the car to wake the kids…to no avail. Time passed but I don’t remember standing there. I remember it eventually went up over 100 ft and shot off in a southerly direction. We got in the car and drove home to draw what we had seen. The kids were freaked out about it, but I was excited about seeing a UFO. Working for the military in a DOD factory made me privy to ALOT OF CLASSIFIED AIRCRAFT, NONE OF WHICH LOOKED OR ACTED LIKE THIS…. so fast , so silent! ANd we lost over 2 hours of time, so strange!

It sounds like you had a very close encounter! Unexplained missing time is often reported along with UFO sightings. In fact in one of the most famous UFO encounters, and one investigated by the Chasing UFOs team in this week’s episode, a logger named Travis Walton went missing for six days after allegedly being abducted in front of his crew. When he was finally recovered, he insisted that he had only been gone several hours.

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  1. The Hungarican Chick
    July 22, 2012, 3:18 am

    This show is exactly the same as Finding Bigfoot; both of these shows are an hour of television filled with nothing but speculation and hysteria. It’s not chasing UFOs, or Finding Bigfoot, it’s Wishful Thinking or Wasting Our Entire Lives Chasing Fiction. I wish National Geographic <–note that i spelled it out here and didn't use the Rachel-Ray like mouthbreather abbreviation… Anyway, I wish you guys would get rid of these shows aimed for the lowest-common denominator and put something more worthy in its place.

  2. Jack Bowman LMFT
    Altadena CA.
    July 22, 2012, 3:44 pm

    I thought I was in for a shock. I have seen Nat Geo shows about the UFO phenomena before and basically had written them off as a network afterward, so two UFO shows back to back, with James Fox? Has to be a change in perception.. Then, the depression set in: the first show made a pop-up effort to discredit all ufo investigators by picking on their “old Day jobs.”Something we all have, unless we were born with silver spoons, even us professionals
    Sad, elitist and skewed, to be polite, Chasing UFOs a obvious highspeed rip off of UFO Hunters, seriously lacking patience content and at times common sense….I should have known better. Nat Geo should stick to animal shows, at least it knows something about those and knows how to do them well.

  3. Nancy Zimmerman
    August 2, 2012, 11:16 pm

    Chasing UFO’s is the only good show you have on lately. When will there be more archeology or lost cities shows?

  4. Bob Dooley
    Las Vegas Nv
    August 3, 2012, 9:27 pm

    I’ve never once talked about this online,but I am completely sure that “Project Blue Book” was alive and well at least in the mid 80’s.I had stumbled on some papers an inch thick shortly after getting out of the military.These papers scared the —out of me.I told the friend that showed me “burn them,I’m being serious ,burn them!”She had run off 4 copies for friends.I didn’t take a copy ,it freaked me out bad.26 years later I wish I had!