Border Patrol: Rio Grande Reefer

South Texas is one of the most vulnerable areas along the U.S./Mexico border.  Here, the Rio Grande River serves as a highway for illegal traffic – and dangerous crossings.  As the Department of Homeland Security’s surveillance intensifies, powerful drug cartels and human smugglers are trying more desperate tactics.  Border Patrol and local law enforcement can never rest.

When agents hiding on the banks of the river spot mules bringing bundles of drugs across on rafts the Rio Grande City Border Patrol races to the scene.   After a tense, nighttime stake out, they confiscate a massive load: over $650,000 in marijuana.  And CBP officers at the Rio Grande POEs are just as busy finding drugs hidden in secret vehicle compartments.  After a K9 Unit alerts on a suspicious SUV, a chassis probe reveals white powder: Cocaine.  Inside, there’s more in a backseat compartment. In the end, the total cache is worth millions.  Another group of Border Patrol agents are part of a dedicated special response team, who head to where the action is most intense.  On a weekend in South Texas, these agents apprehend dozens of illegal immigrants.

In the downtown streets, the Brownsville Police Department is also fighting to secure the border. When surveillance reveals a stash house – an elite team of plainclothes, uniformed and K9 officers make their move.  Raiding the property, they uncover a cache of marijuana ready for distribution.   It’s just another day in South Texas.


Catch the season premiere of Border Wars: Rio Grande Reefer tonight, Monday July 9th at 9P et/pt.


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