21st Century Sex Slaves

A covert special forces unit and an international team of undercover investigators join forces to hunt down a notorious sex trafficking ring.  The team’s mission: save thousands of women forced to be sex slaves.  Their target: a Thai-Uzbek sex ring earning millions of dollars a year trafficking women from Central Asia into Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand.  This is a ring that will kill to survive.

FREELAND Foundation’s Steve Galster is a man who has risked his life for two decades fighting the most dangerous wildlife traffickers in world.  Now he’s using those same hard earned skills to combat human trafficking in Thailand.  Sex tourism may be one of Thailand’s most profitable industries.  Many of the foreign men who enter the country come for sex – the demand is high, and the market is massive.  Servicing this demand are women trafficked from all over the world, including those women lured to Thailand by a vicious Thai-Uzbek ring.  Most Uzbek women come to Bangkok out of financial desperation; they believe they’ll get good jobs, but they end up as slaves.  Galster’s goal: assemble an A-team of international investigators he’s dubbed “Operation Graceland,” and work with local law enforcement – the Anti-Human Trafficking Division and a Thai Special Undercover Team – to build a case against the Thai-Uzbek ring.

In order to infiltrate the ring, Operation Graceland must devise multiple plans of attack.  Meeting with confidential informants in seedy Bangkok neighborhoods, confidence buys, and wearing hidden cameras, are just some of the tactics Steve and his team will have to employ.  Wired with buttonhole cameras, Steve and Operation Graceland team members will head out to a local disco to see if they can get a positive ID on some of the traffickers.  Providing the team with intel and offering technical advice are, United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking (UNIAP) Regional Manager, Matt Friedman, and NightLight International’s, Annie Dieselberg.  Both are foreigners based in Thailand.  Between them they have over 30 years of experience fighting human trafficking in Asia.  They’ll head out on the streets to locate women who need their help and who want to escape from the ring.  And working with Operation Graceland is a legend.  One of Thailand’s most famous anti-trafficking cops and the former head of Thai Immigration, General Charnwut Vajarapuk, has brought together a team of Thai Undercovers to assist the operation.  Together, Charnwut’s team and Operation Graceland target a hotel in the heart of Bangkok’s Red Light District. Charnwut believes the hotel is the Thai-Uzbek ring’s headquarters – the very center of the trafficking operation turning women into sex slaves.

For Operation Graceland and the Thai government, it is do or die.  Success will depend on whether or not the two are able to work together to bust the ring in order to supply the evidence necessary to win a case against the Thai and Uzbek traffickers.  Rehearsals for a takedown are underway, but will Operation Graceland find a direct line into the ring?  The future of Operation Graceland hangs in the balance.

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  1. kim
    July 14, 2012, 12:20 pm

    This is nothing new in Bangkok, been going on for years, and it will Never Stop, There is to much Money involved,,and all going on right under the Thai Police nose, Money Talkes in Bangkok and always will!!

  2. Mark Gibson
    Perth Western Australia
    July 19, 2012, 7:49 am

    How can I help stop this sex slaves in Thailand?

  3. Stephanus
    July 21, 2012, 11:55 am

    Help by informing as much as possible people. Getting it in the open makes it harder for those gangsters. More important is to get it in to the minds of those who come to Thailand just for sex.

  4. Arpan Rai
    August 25, 2012, 7:18 am

    Its really sad to know women lured by sexual activities .

  5. sunny
    August 28, 2012, 12:30 am

    i think the 1st is finish the misery in the world, 80% prostitution may be finish

  6. Ranjith
    September 2, 2012, 1:16 pm

    i think people are mad about sex…..some people are investing in this industry….what the………?

  7. davinder khaira
    chiang mai thailand.
    October 27, 2012, 12:42 am

    i think, we cant stop so easily, coz its big profitable business for mafia & all are doing under nose Thailand police. here moneys talks…..& one thing more , we cant stop that tourists who comes here just for sex from many countries..

  8. Pauline Vankoll
    November 30, 2012, 1:07 pm

    I have interviewed many women in Pattaya, Koh Samui and where ever my trip took me. There may not be and end to prostitution, however, for those that go to Thai people are most wonderful and so is the country. They are artistic and hardworking for the little bit they earn. Women I talked to are sick of men approaching them thinking that every woman is up for sale…other’s do for survival. It is the only thing they know. They need more outreaches to teach them skills as in Chaing Rai. Safe houses, rehab centers…etc… Westerner’s need to be discouraged. Law’s need to change. Heck…the hells angels are now in Thailand. If something’s not done then Thailand is going to go for crap!

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    February 10, 2013, 11:18 pm

    […] the Ukraine sex tourism and sex slavery are rampant (as they are in many areas of the world such as Thailand). Originally Femen was established to combat these disgusting practices that, for Americans, seem a […]

  10. swapnil
    February 14, 2013, 6:12 am

    Steve Sir i would like to work with you .Just only for you i need your support and mail id too so that i can discuss with you and join with you for this kind of project i belongs to small family but i think about my life that what is the use of it so find your name on google search so sir plz contact me may be i can help you such kind of project

  11. Piyush k. singh
    himachal, india
    August 7, 2013, 2:43 pm

    its a shame that its taking pace I thing if all secret agencies get on stop human trafficing and declare it as global problem and try to create traps only than we can cut the roots of h.t .
    jai hind

  12. Sunil Kumar
    Delhi, India
    September 13, 2016, 1:40 pm

    I request you to pls provide us your details because i want to help you and also all of those women’s who’s stuck in this.

    I request you to please give me your contact details so that i can contact you, I really want to help you.

    I’m waiting for your response.