Untamed Americas: What’s Beyond Our Backyard?

Photograph by NGT
Birds of Paracas at Punta San Juan, Peru. Photograph by NGT.

From a grizzly bear hunting in the Rockies to a bat that has a tongue longer than its body; from a killer mouse that howls at the moon to the spectacle of thousands of rays “flying” through the air; from jaguars hunting caimans to dolphins swimming around trees—the Americas are full of amazing surprises. Many of the animals are found only here and nowhere else, and they have to behave in incredible ways to survive against some of the most extreme conditions on our planet.

In UNTAMED AMERICAS, it’s not just the creatures that are awesome. This is a land of superlatives: the Andes is the world’s longest mountain system, running the full length of South America; the Amazon has the largest rain forest and mightiest river; the Atacama is the world’s driest desert; and the coastline is incredibly varied, from frozen seas to tropical reefs. The Americas cover one quarter of the Earth’s land surface and extend from the Arctic to the Southern Ocean, almost the full latitude of the planet.

National Geographic Television uses sophisticated high definition cameras, cutting edge aerial, underwater, ultra slow-motion and time-lapse filming techniques to capture the most stunning wildlife spectacles and the most detailed and intimate stories of animals battling to survive against all odds.

Each of the four programs in UNTAMED AMERICAS: Mountains, Deserts, Coasts and Forests, features epic landscapes, extreme conditions and tough challenges for the creatures that live in them, which respond in unique ways to survive.

Narrated by Academy Award-Nominated actor Josh Brolin, the four-hour high-definition miniseries event UNTAMED AMERICAS premieres over two nights: SUNDAY June 10 at 9PM et/pt and MONDAY June 11 at 9PM et/pt.


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  3. Skip Hobbie
    May 22, 2012, 12:07 am

    Those aren’t Gentoo Penguins as your caption states. I know, because I am one of the cameramen who filmed this, and I am the uncredited photographer who took those photos.

  4. Skip Hobbie
    May 30, 2012, 12:10 am

    someone is moderating these comments, right? please correct your caption. Those are Humboldt penguins.

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  6. Evergreen Turf
    August 20, 2012, 12:11 pm

    great blog, i enjoy reading your posts!

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