#AmishOutofOrder Twitter Round-Up

Last night our very own Mose Gingrich (@AmishNCity) live-tweeted the premiere of Amish: Out of Order, sharing his experience leaving the Amish community while answering questions from viewers on Twitter. Here’s a collection of tweets from Mose, and what other people on Twitter, had to say about the show:

@AmishNCity – It was a difficult show to film, with the Amish being so firm on being meek and humble.

@AmishNCity – probably about 98% of all amish that leave, are boys. It is just too hard of a transition for spme of the girls, I suppose.

@AmishNCity – I really miss the close knitness of a community coming together as one. That was a little difficult to adjust to.

@JeffGlawe – Interesting fact that those outside of Amish are called “English”. Quite a unique show. Rather impressive. #amishoutoforder!

@Katiegower – Never realized that there were so many Ex-Amish that live in CoMo. Learn something new everything.

@Livurso – I’m not sure if watching this show on Amish people qualifies as desperate procrastination since I’m enjoying it…? #natgeo

@Sonicdork – Is NatGeo leading the charge of awesome shows??! Doomsday Preppers. Amish: Out Of Order. Tell me about these things!!!!

@Stickfigurepro – The ex-Amish eat, we promise you! A majority of them have manual labor jobs so they stay very fit. #AmishOutofOrder

@deancollins – the irony of of #DoomsdayPreppers being directly before #AmishOutOfOrder cracks me up #LiveTVchat

@DetroitProfessor – These #AmishOutofOrder folks probably have a peace of mind that is unmatched. Probably not as #racist as regular white people either

@ralphprovance – I really enjoyed the show and am looking forward to upcoming episodes. Thanks!

@JeffGlawe – You guys got a good show here on @natgeo. Should appeal to wide audiences even. An ex-Amish cage fighter was a surprise.

@KobebHouse – Watching #amishoutoforder VERY Interesting show

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  1. charlie
    April 18, 2012, 4:13 pm

    I like mo on the show, but quite frankly it was very hard to watch. the production values sucked, i was disappointed it was like watching a badly shot home video from the 80’s