Wild Scene Investigation: Ghost on the Green

Sneaky vandals are digging up a golf course under the dead of night.  Armed with camera traps and the latest gadgets the fun-filled WSI team set out to catch the culprits in the act.

Peace is at an end in this affluent corner of England. Players are put off their stroke and when the tees close, they became furious.  For the grounds men, professional pride is at stake.  Literally overnight a fairway can be completely dug up and the grounds men simply cannot keep up with the vandals destructive streak, no matter what they do they still have no idea who the mischief-makers are!

It all began four years ago, when out of the blue a few scrapes were seen on one of the tees.  Over time the problem progressed and the holes became very deep, exposing roots and covered whole tees with up to 200 holes.

Everyone agrees it must be an animal but which one could be the mysterious culprit?  The only wildlife visitor to the golf course seems to be benign birds, deer and squirrels so somewhere there must be another animal or animals lurking in the woods close by.  Why do these creatures need to dig up the fairways?

We follow our Wild Scene Investigation team made up of gadget boy – Lorne, Biologist – Suzanne and wildlife expert – Dan.  Using both cutting-edge scientific gadgets and old-fashioned wildlife knowledge to solve animal crimes our team analyse the evidence.

They begin their investigation with a list of wildlife suspects and place dozens of camera traps around the golf course, but these sneaky creatures are elusive.  What is needed is a remote controlled balloon camera.

As each of the suspects are crossed off the list the team probes deeper into the unfolding story.  Soon, it looks as though there may be a creature not known to haunt these parts of England that could be the culprit.  Or could there be two different species of animal that are creating havoc on the golf course?

Our team needs to uncovers the truth so peace can once more reigns over the golf course.

Be sure to tune in to Wild Scene Investigation: Ghost on the Green this Saturday at 10P et/pt on Nat Geo WILD and check out a sneak peek from the premiere:


  1. Jiancarlo Ulloa
    Denver, CO
    October 19, 2012, 4:55 pm

    I would like to provide a possible clue for your program “Goat Sucking Ghoul”. The canine you show on looks like a “Xoloitzcuintli” known as Mexican Hairless breed. This dog is native to Mexico and archaeological evidence shows that the breed has existed in Mexico for more than 3,000 years.
    Although the breed standard does not allow for blue eyes, it is possible to find dogs of this type with blue eyes.
    This breed is not popular in US, but in Florida you can see some around.

    Best regards,