What Do Preppers and Billionaires Have in Common?

By Kellene Bishop, The Preparedness Pro

Short and simple, the term “prepper” is a common name which refers to a person who believes in being prepared. Prepared? Prepared for what? Well, that all depends on your personal values and beliefs. The fact is, we’re all preppers to some extent. We all begin at some level wanting to assure some semblance of certainty in our future regardless of what the future might bring.

Warren Buffet and Donald Trump are both preppers. They have both worked diligently to amass large fortunes in a very diversified manner. Surely they both hold massive amounts of varying currencies, interests in a variety of businesses, and have spread their assets throughout a plethora of industries and nations. With his own brand of steaks, apparel, and hospitality properties to promote, Donald Trump obviously pays attention to the happenings which take place in the beef, cotton, silk, and travel industries. As a primary shareholder of Benjamin Moore Co., The Pampered Chef, and Dairy Queen, Warren Buffet has a couple billion reasons to pay attention to the dairy market, and the consumer spending habits in the industries of home remodeling and renovation as well as meeting the expectations for the next great gadget for the passionate home cook extraordinaire. No doubt you and I would look at either of their personal balance sheets and wonder why they bothered to push past their first $100 million dollars in wealth. But their motivation for such an accumulation is no doubt colored by a motivation that most other people can relate to—to provide for the safety and comfort of ourselves and our loved ones regardless of what storms come their way. No doubt the life lessons of The Donald and the King of Penny Stocks have taught them at some point that in their world, $100 million is easily lost; the best protection against such a loss is another $100 million and then another, and another—you know, just in case.

Today’s more traditional preppers are motivated by the same thoughts of tomorrow, though their perspective causes them to focus on providing for their most basic of needs such as food, clothing, shelter, water, heat, etc.; they ask themselves how will they be able to provide such needs in the face of events which they deem to be very likely?

A prepper is open to the possibility that life won’t remain at the status quo. In light of today’s economic stress, one could easily argue that it’s perfectly rational for every single working American to consider the possibility of a sudden job loss. The types of preppers featured on Doomsday Preppers though take such considerations a few steps further as they consider the likelihood of even more serious scenarios such as an 8.0 earthquake in the heartland of America (New Madrid fault), an epic hail storm, hurricanes that destroy our fuel supply, an economic collapse caused by Japan and China dumping their U.S. holdings into the world market, a flu pandemic, massive solar flares debilitating our electrical grid, the massive crumbling of poorly maintained dams and levees, a freak agricultural famine, or an act of war. After considering such possibilities the dedicated Doomsday Prepper determines what they are able to do now to mitigate the impact that such scenarios would have on their comfort and well-being in the future. You see, preppers aren’t so different from the wealthy investor who diversifies his investments in order to financial protect himself from a litany of possibilities.

While the suffering of Americans during the Great Depression is a distant memory to the elderly generation of our day, the impact of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and the collapse of 2008 can still serve as sobering wake-up calls to all of us that life only holds one guarantee—to throw us unthinkable curveballs.  There’s nothing better to overcome the massive list of “in case of” scenarios than preparing proactively to thrive in spite of them. Preppers do what they do because they are hooked on the feeling of peace and confidence that accompanies them today by planning and preparing their countermoves against tomorrow’s possibilities. We can all benefit by asking the question, “What if that were to happen to me?” and then take advantage of the time and resources we have today to assure our safety and well being even in light of a repeat of such circumstances. Like the big investors in the world we can decide to invest deliberately in our own futures in the form of a currency that we believe will have value tomorrow. We can replace the portfolio stuffed with contracts and bank account balances with a closet stuffed with canned goods and batteries.

Though no prepper ever really runs out of possible scenarios for which they’d like to be prepared; they naturally understand that they can’t possibly prepare for every possibility—but that sure doesn’t stop anyone from trying. Just as the wise investor understands the importance of accumulating more wealth beyond that first $100 million, preppers understand the accumulation of more essentials beyond that first 50 pounds of extra wheat, that box of flashlights and D batteries, that 250 gallon tank of water, and so on… and so on… It’s all about the “just in case. “

What are YOUR just in case scenarios and are you prepared for them?

Tune in to Doomsday Preppers: Into the Spider Hole tonight at 9P et/pt.

Kellene Bishop, The Preparedness Pro, has been educating on “panic-free, practical preparedness information for over 12 years and can be found at www.preparednesspro.com


  1. mack k
    March 13, 2012, 3:25 pm

    You forgot to mention emergency shelters or similar plan as something billionnaires and preppers have in common. Have you not heard of the Walton family’s (Walmart) multi-million dollar armageddon complex?? Trust me, the monied people of the world, as well as most politicians all have a master plan should doomsday ever materialize. It’s everyone else that will disappear. Question for the preppers: It seems most of them do their prepping full-time, so when do they work and how do they support this activity?

  2. Survivor Mike
    March 13, 2012, 10:39 pm

    Good stuff Kellene. This is something I’ve recently touched on as I believe planning for multiple scenarios is something all successful people do well.

    Mack – I agree it seems that most of those featured do it near full-time. I find that it certainly could be a full-time gig but that doesn’t work for me. I try to dedicate several hours a week to it and am slowly building my plan.

  3. 1chklst
    March 13, 2012, 11:11 pm

    Being prepared is always on my mind, though i have no funds to prepare but i have the knowledge of what to do should any catastrophic event occur, I have the knowledge now my next step would be preparing on the cheap. You hate to say that but its a little to late for anything else! Most people that have alot of money are ignorant to the scenerios that WILL occur.I hope for the sake of the good people in this world-these catastrophies dont take them,just take the bad and leave the good that would be great,wouldnt it!!!

  4. Chip
    March 13, 2012, 11:58 pm

    What a bunch of crap! these people are not normal. Non of the options for the end of the world that they prep for are even ossible but lets just keep feeding the dog. CRAP!

  5. jerzy
    March 14, 2012, 12:02 am

    when you spend all your time ‘prepping’ for some potential upcoming disaster rather than actually live in the moment, id est – actually LIVE, it seems like a complete waste of life itself… where’s the point of living at all??… even if that disaster and resulting chaos will in fact at some point come to be, you have completely wasted your life by your obsession and now can finally ‘live’ in your underground complex, or a man-made cave always fearful and/or vigilant with the thought of those who weren’t ‘smart’ enough to prepare for this status quo who will now be set upon the idea of attacking your shelter and taking all of those posessions away from you; along with your life…or worse… and that’s supposed to make you feel superior to those who don’t get it?… ditto for the mind set of billionaires, et al… always afraid of losing whatt they’ve amassed… you can have that lifestyle, i’m not interested hehe…

    i’m actually thankful for this series ‘doomsday preppers’ as i considered for a long time getting serious about amassing a slew of supplies for an extended period of having to rough it off the grid…. but seeing all these irritating, neurotic, pathetic, lame a-holes who think they’re some kind of new world warriors but are in fact just totally boring and uninteresting losers gives me a resolve not to survive any major disaster if most of the humanity that’ll be left on earth will be the likes of these poor excuses for ‘mankind’…. i have enough to get through a temporary disaster and even anarchy to keep my immediate family relatively safe but beyond that, i simply don’t want to live in a world where the only possible contact with others would mean interaction with such idiots… or the other choice being no contact outside of my immediate family while dwelling for years in some underground rathole… that is not living…. they can have that world all to themselves hehe….

    the latest episode [from today – march 14th, 2012] has only fully drove this point home for me, especially with regards to those ridiculous bunch of aged hippies living in a converted atlas missile silo…. what a bunch of moronic, ugly, pot-addled, pathetic lamers…. i’d never want to come into their compound even if they’d elected me their ruler and let me have all their supplies… instead, i’d run away screaming from this bunch of annoying losers and their nbc-proof bunker straight into some post-nuclear deadly surface world just to get away from such douchebags immediately and die a horrible painful death… btw, they’re not only annoying to watch, they apparently relish their exhibitionism as this is not the first tv show to feature these a-holes… i remember seeing at least one other program [about extreme houses or something like that] which featured this ‘family’ prominently… ok, i WOULD consider breaking into their fortified bunker during a major crisis post-disaster…. but only long enough so i could jam that ‘speaking’ stick deep up that cretin’s bunghole and slap him silly for being such a lame idiot along with the rest of those losers whose brains have evidently long dried up from overindulging in mary-jane… then, they can have their ‘peace and love’ post-apocalyptic ‘life’ back to live out…. they wouldn’t need guns nor security surveillance systems to keep me and my family away… i’d gladly do that just on account of them being such a-holes haha….

    also sprach jerzy….

  6. Debi B
    Charleston, SC
    March 14, 2012, 12:40 am

    @ Mack K

    90% of the prepping I have done I did while working full time, as did my husband. It was grueling, but knowing what those who do it full time do it was no more so than what they do. Work 8 – 10 hrs., commute for a total of 1.5 hrs. Cook/clean, prep, plan, *learn*. And sleep a few hours, when I could.

    Several months ago I finally quit my corporate job since I felt the time had come to get off the treadmill and things were just looking too ominous for me.

    Just remember, no matter how much time you can devote to prepping learning should be a big part of it. Few have all the skillsets they will need at the barest minimum and learning new things keeps our minds flexible. Perhaps the most valuable prep you can put up… a flexible mind.

  7. Robin
    SE Ohio
    March 14, 2012, 2:09 pm

    I got into extreme couponing ( not hardcore like you see on T.V.), as way for me to go down to part time work and go back to school. I didn’t even realize I was prepping in a way. It ended up supporting my family of 3 at home and my 2 grown sons families during hard times. As my teenaged daughter and I prepare for our graduation present- hiking the Appalachian Trail, I find I am actually prepping again. I have always hauled spring water, so I am stocked up because of how far I have to drive to the spring.
    I’m not hard core like the people on the show, but they do have some good tips I have found useful. I just wanted to say you don’t have to devote hours into prepping, for me it just happened on its own.

  8. Survivor Mike
    March 14, 2012, 7:55 pm

    Just posted the latest review of the season finale which includes our Top 5 moments of the show.


  9. Kreature
    March 15, 2012, 1:23 pm

    Just buy a few guns and a lot of ammo. You can poach or take what you want!

    Jerzy. You should prep but not go over board. Your assesment on the hippies is correct.

  10. Shane
    Lake Tahoe
    March 16, 2012, 6:21 pm

    So everyone seems to be freaking out with all the news in the Middle East and crazy weather. I am no different! I’ve kind of started collecting a few things. I found a great site that not only sells survival items, but also has world news and a ton of videos on how to survive. Here’s the link http://www.survivalhelpcenter.com I found it to be very useful!

  11. Jack Jobe
    March 26, 2012, 10:15 am

    My wife & I premier on April 3 (S1E9) and we too wonder how we will be portrayed. Remember that – Reality TV Isn’t. Much of what you see is for dramatic effect and I “fought it” as an Emmy-nominated Journalist.

    AND, I understand rating. Knowing I was beginning ‘guided’, I request you count how many useful ideas about survival I worked in. I’m actually glad that I was challenged to do a “2012 & Survival Tips Comedy Show”. (4 days before they rented a theater & I ‘social media’d’ an audience.)

    Try not to die laughing at knife training. Even my wife and I still chuckle. At the end of our segment, IF they don’t cut it, I even get to poke fun at NatGeo. (IF they edit it, I’ll YouTube it.

    I have learned something – Good or Bad – from every episode. All you need is an open mind. Yes – they glamorize ‘the weird’ & I’ve taken up the Challenge to make the rest of the “Preppers” look sane.

    But do balance your prepping with enjoying life. It’s not an obsession; it’s Common Sense. For my free (no sales) EDC (Every Day Carry) Report, click http://SecretsToSurviving2012.com/news

    Walk About Prepared™

  12. Ned L.
    April 22, 2012, 3:34 pm

    It’s unethical to hoard years of food when there are needy people in your communities today. Most of this obsessive storage will be wasted when these virtually impossible scenarios do not happen during your lifetime. Your personal safety is improved by giving to others and helping build a healthier community. Nat’l Geo should not encourage such extremely irrational selfishness, despite the ratings & advertising dollars.

  13. Glen
    April 24, 2012, 6:45 pm

    This is one of the sickest shows I’ve ever seen on TV. Actually seeing real people spending countless hours in preparing for an unlikely disaster and plunking thousands of dollars in ammos, guns, and food is just plain sick. I live in Canada and there’s no way those “preppers” could do this here… They would be considered mentally ill and would be locked up in psychiatric hospitals. Getting their kids involved into this, scaring them about a potential “end of the world as we know it”, and making them “ready” to kill their neighbors to save their lives is plain criminal, not to say ruining their childhood. Many cults had similar beliefs, by the way… Preppers should seek psychological help, not hoarding food or a bunker to hide.

    While I agree we should all have a few days, or even a couple weeks worth of food and supplies is good preparation, I totally disagree with the idea of hoarding food for several years ahead. Even though most of that food has a very long shelf life, are you going to eat that stuff in 25 or 30 years from now when you finally realize you plunked 50K$ in collecting food for nothing? What will be your plan if the catastrophe calls for a quick bug out? You’ll leave 10 tons of food behind and you’ll be on the run just like everyone else? What’s the point?

    Preppers are so freakin’ ignorant of how life will be after a catastrophe. By the way, which catastrophe? Most catastrophes that happened in the last 100 years never created chaos for more than a few weeks/months and society has resumed fairly quickly afterwards. It will take a huge hit to knock out governements and society in general. Even if it’s total chaos, if you’re part of it, and you’re not vulnerable (healthy and fit), you’ll make it through no problem. I’d feel much safer to be with the hungry bums in the streets, rather than hiding and trying to protect my food with shotguns. You might kill a few bums on the first few rows, but how long will you resist to 200 or even 500 hungry punks trying to break into your house by every windows and doors? You won’t reload fast enough to shoot them all and you’ll get killed with your own shotgun before you know it!

    Preppers also don’t understand that there’s a lot more to do after a catastrophe than just hide, wait, and eat your junk in the meantime. There will be a society to rebuild and people to take care of. There will be major challenges ahead. Preppers don’t realize human beings are social animals and if we made it through tens of thousands of years, it’s because we stayed together and helped each other out. The lone wolf approach (with or without your family) hiding in a bunker works for a very short period of time, but the day you get sick or need special care, you’ll die or you’ll starve. No group will protect and help you if you’re out there alone and unseen. By the way, you’ll need a lot more doctors, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, builders, architects, engineers, welders, construction workers, cooks, veterinarians, farmers in your doomsday scenario, not a few wackos with loaded rifles and shotguns. What people will be desperately looking for will be tools to build and move stuff, not guns and ammos! Diseases, a lack of food and clean water will be the main threats and challenges to overcome, not killing your neighbors because they’re hungry beyond reason. We need others much more than we imagine.

    If we ever get a major catastrophe that brings the world back to the stone age, communities will quickly form in order to increase chances of survival of the group, and an assessment of each member’s abilities will be made to see how they can help the group best. Dumbass preppers should learn all the basic stuff instead (cooking, gardening, woodworking, building stuff, knitting, blacksmithing, etc.) that made life comfortable and possible hundreds years ago rather than learn to fight and shoot guns. Preppers might also want to brush up on their people skills so they can learn how to trust people and gain their confidence so they can deal with them in various situations. One thing for sure, If I ever have to form or join a community to survive, I’d leave the wackos and gun lovers out, they are way too unstable and can become very dangerous within a normal group. Having a few rifles for hunting purposes is OK, but it’s useless to have a bunch of GI Joe wannabees who bought their stuff in Army surplus stores or worst, having to deal with war veterans who might suffer from an untreated post-traumatic stress disorder. You don’t want those guys in your communities unless they are handcuffed in the trunk of a car 24h/day.

    All I see in this TV show is a huge way of scaring people even more so they’ll go out and buy more stuff even if they are already debt loaded to the bones. What a freakin Wal-Mart nation who can claim to exist only by buying stuff, and more stuff again. You didn’t get your lesson with the 2008 recession? Aren’t you fed up of being scared all the time and finding redemption only in buying more stuff? Come to Canada, get out of your rat hole country, and see how people live here. Travel to Scandinavian countries and see by yourself if their citizens are building bunkers or if they are trying to be better citizens. Or better yet, seek some medical attention if you don’t believe me!

    Oh ya, you might ask what I’ll be doing in case of a catastrophe. Well, I simply don’t beleive in the “stay at home to protect my food” approach and become a sitting duck target. Depending on the circumstances, your area might be a living hell. I’d rather plan for a bug out scenario. What I’ll bring with me will depend if I can use my car or not. If I can drive, I’d fill up my car with as many tools as I can so I can build stuff elsewhere and be useful to a new forming community. If I can’t drive out, I’d travel light with a few handtools and try to reach a more secure place. I’ll then take it from there. I’d rather have handsaws, chainsaws, drills, saws, wood chisels, and such than be stuck with a couple rifles. Sure, I might starve but I’d rather die from starvation than live 2 or 3 weeks longer as a selfish hoarder in my bunker and have my life taken away by a hungry bum who put my own shotgun in my mouth.

    Just one piece of advice to my dear American friends. Please, watch a little less TV, stop believing what you are being told by your government and those crazy preppers, enjoy your neighborhood, meet people, establish contact and build a close knit community. Learn to share. This way you will survive most, if not all catastrophe. Read history books and you’ll quickly learn that it happened before and it’s the way humanity has survived by regrouping and helping each other, not shooting each other. By the way, don’t bother carrying your the Bible with you. God doesn’t exist and he won’t help you. Use the extra space for a useful tool instead.

  14. Moni
    April 27, 2012, 10:17 pm

    Bad News for you. There are lots of us in Canada as well in varying degrees. We keep it low key because of comments like yours. We also help others. We are making sure that we will not be a burden on society if problems occur. Instead we will be able to help people like you. Intolerance of others is a bigger problem and running down others does not make one right or superior.

  15. Glen
    April 28, 2012, 12:18 pm


    You make some very surprising claims as a prepper… Real “preppers” are pretty clear that they won’t share anything and won’t help anyone in the aftermath of a catastrophe. They will be too busy “surviving” and protecting their family. Come on, that’s the motto of the “preppers”, just admit it.

    It’s also pretty obvious that preppers are getting excited at the idea of gunning down people who will try to get a hold of their stuff. They are training themselves really hard for that eventuality… So please, don’t tell us you’ll help people “like me”, non-preppers, the race of people you have clearly warned ahead of time that you won’t help and shoot down at the first threat. Don’t worry though, it won’t happen because people like me don’t want to live in a world left to preppers. I’d rather die or even kill myself instead of living with those wackos who will soon turn into cults with the Bible in one hand, and an AK47 in the other. Remember the Davidians in Wako, Texas?

    Preppers have a known psychological disorder and should seek treatment. If you don’t believe me, check David Sarti’s case (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=nUv9pjxq5QI) who’s no longer prepping and hoarding guns. He spent a couple days in a mental institution and has been declared “mentally defective”.

    What shocked me from the NG Doomsday Preppers shows is how preppers are hardly storing any tools. What do you need after a earthquake? A lot of tools to cut through debris and build stuff afterwards! If we have a major catastrophe and we’re all on our own, you will need a lot of tools to take care of your garden. How come no preppers are hoarding tools? Do you seriously think that having 60 rifles, shotguns, and handguns is better than having some basic tools? You still have only 2 hands! Get real!

    As I mentioned earlier, no preppers will appreciate to be depicted as having a mental problem, but seriously, those people should seek medical help. The line is very thin between the hoarding disorder, some uncontrolable fears, religious beliefs beyond reasons, and survivalism. Get help, and you might save your mind and a ton of cash!

  16. Moni
    April 28, 2012, 5:47 pm

    Sorry to disappoint,no guns,no training to hurt others, no hoarding, lots of skills though to garden,build,repair,and medical training. Preppers are all different and come in many shapes and sizes. However I must say your comments do cause me some concern. Such an extreme reaction to another’s viewpoint. The world is made up of a variety of different types of personalities and that is wonderful.
    Since you are not a prepper how to do you know what a prepper will really do? It is easy to find hundreds of web sites/studies to prove any viewpoint, for or against. Once again I say intolerance of other viewpoints creates more trouble than the actual view.
    Just so you feel better I do have tools as I use them in my day to day life. I even loan them out to help others. I am not a hoarder,am basically happy and content and not worried about uncontrollable events in the future. I do believe in a higher power but couldn’t really attach that opinion to religious beliefs.
    I do believe in taking care of myself so I don’t drain scarce resources in an emergency and I have no issues with helping others. There are a lot of people like me out here. Because of comments showing intolerance people no longer openly discuss their lifestyle. Only one generation ago it was perfectly normal to bring in a garden and stock your pantry and cold room for the winter. So why is it wrong to do it now?
    Also remember that this is TV, the more “extreme” preppers make for a better show.
    Where I live we face periodic serious flooding concerns and as a volunteer it is obvious that people who don’t prep are the biggest concern. They expect us to put our lives in danger to rescue them from situations that they have created.
    Commonsense seems to be in short supply when they have no more than a couple of days of food and maybe a day of water when advisiories have been ongoing for a week or more. So prepping is a good idea.
    You have a right to have your opinion and I have a right to mine. Telling me mine is wrong is as wrong as my telling you that yours is wrong. I don’t agree with your comments but you have the right to voice them, however I don’t believe you have the right to “call names” if you don’t like how others think.
    Now if you want to see a real prepper, try Noah and his Ark. That is extreme prepping.

  17. Glen
    April 29, 2012, 8:03 am


    Just a reminder… my comments were made towards the people depicted in the NG show called “Doomsday Preppers”and who are hoarding food and guns for an unlikely catastrophe. Those people are clearly demonstrating signs of mental illness to various degrees and should seek medical help before plunking their lifetime savings into year’s worth of food supplies and guns, or simply follow a therapy to learn how to deal with their fear of the end of the world.

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong in “prepping”, especially if you live in an area known for its hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, but there’s a limit where you need to stop before hurting your sanity or your family. Try to explain how having 60 handguns will help you after an hurricane? I don’t know why you are taking issue with what I’ve said, you clearly aren’t the type of prepper I’m targeting (no guns, no hoarding, willing to help others). You say preppers come in different sizes and shapes. Maybe, but they look pretty much all the same to me, minus a few exceptions, in this TV show… They’re all hoarding food and guns, and aren’t willing to help anyone. Their depiction in this TV show is also pretty much consistent with what I’ve read on this subject for the last 15 years. Yup, I know a lot more on this topic (survivalism) than you can imagine.

    You also happen to prove one of my point about the fact that hoarding guns is typically American. They see a threat in every potential living being as we, Canadians, are completely different. No wonder why there is 10 times more murders per capita in the US than in Canada… If each American could live one year in another civilized country like Canada Europe or Scandinavia, they would get rid of their ridiculous fears and see all this prepping BS for what it is… a mental disorder.

  18. Jeff M
    San Diego
    May 1, 2012, 3:43 am

    Sorry…but the show Doomsday Preppers and other programs like it just encourage and feed into mental illness. After each segment, they need to have psychologists explain the mental illness and then follow through with the treatment of that person.

  19. Sonja H.
    May 8, 2012, 2:34 pm

    @GLEN Geez Loise You are one angry dude.Everyone, including yourself is a prepper of sorts. You buy groceries for the week, do you not? Survival skills have been taught by Indians and all groups of people for years. So it is not YOUR thing…every Reality show on tv is dramatized and we aren’t afraid because we are prepared. I doubt YOU are the right guy to speak for all Canadians. We are not gun hoarders!!!!We are gun enthusiast. We like to hunt to eat and for sport. Some people collect porn, we collect food and recently were a big help in our community when a devastating tornado hit our town and I am glad we could help out. We also grow a garden for healthy eating and would do this anyway, the only difference now is we collect seeds too. See, you can’t really eat stamps. So lighten up, We are enjoying life and having fun…so quit trashing all Americans. Loving my life in TEXAS

  20. Boris
    May 9, 2012, 5:28 pm

    You are exactly what is wrong with this world. You live in a state of blissful ignorance, selfishly expecting someone else to put their life on the line for you in an emergency because you didn’t have the foresight to plan ahead. I feel truly sorry for whatever family member or dependents you may have that actually look up to you.

    F.Y.I. 60 guns make for great items to barter with.

    Have a nice day

  21. bill
    May 14, 2012, 12:14 pm

    First off wake up and go buy a gallon of gas or milk the economy of the us is so frayed and cracked that even the common cold mutating the wrong way (FYI it mutates every time it infects a new person so that’s a lot of opportunities for it to encode the DNA of the wrong person) could set of a chain of events that could destabilize the country the rest of the way say noting about how were overdue for the next hyper virus like seems to show up every couple hundred years. Of course one cant forget that the us is like that bully on the playground that keeps pushing everyone around. Sure its going fine now but when I was a kid I got fed up and put him in the hospital and no one tried to stop me even when my Reaver to his Ocean Of Chi(a pressure point a little below the solar plexus, the Reaver sends a shock to all internal organ) caused him to start choking on his own blood even when he was down and I was kicking him no one stopped me. I got a week of detention. Simply china or Korea or maybe even an unknown little country is going to snap just like me except instead of a lifetime of martial arts and weapons training they have nuclear warheads. There a lot of crazies ruling over countries right now and all they have to do is turn a key and its hell on earth in the USA. The government could fall apart on its own with gas and milk prices eventually reaching 10 dollars a gallon all over the country causing it to not be worth working at an honest job due to it taking more energy to work the then the money you earn will buy you businesses wont be able to afford to buy new materiel or ship out new products and soon no one will have a job. This will spread to Canada and Mexico (migrational drain and survivors violence) but could possibly improve other countries economy I don’t know all I know is soon the continental riot will begin leaving hundreds of thousands dead and the us becomes a third world country covered in scorched ruins. To sum this all up there are a lot of things that could break down the country that are logical and coherent.

    Secondly, the reason I write this is the people who refuse to accept that something could happen and neither try and change the country or prepare for the worst are going to become raiders who either join a large band and attempt to take preppers and the likes supplies or join the ranks of the zombies(my name for people who have lost there mind from hunger and their conditions and enter the survival mode where anything that is edible is eaten and anything in their way is destroyed and maybe eaten this may sound like something from a bad movie but I’ve seen such people in Africa and when I helped the new Orleans victims) unfortunately maybe one of these bands might find my bunker in the Adirondacks and wont leave with just a resupply crate and a map to a great place to set up a camp or just try and attack without even attempting to talk to me. I will be forced to kill all of these people and bury them in my cemetery. I know their faces with haunt my dreams that night the question you need to ask yourself is “am I so unprepared that this will be my end? Will I be one of those faces when it hits the fan?” of course ill admit that I fall into the category of hoarding food and gear. My compound has a tremendous amount of food enough for my and my family to last 100 years by my calculations along with a stockpile of seeds and the like. The biggest problem with being a prepper is that we are such a small amount of the population that most of us will be easily overrun by the masses of ignorant eyes wide shut “the odds of that are ten to one” type people.

    My third point, now to piss of some other preppers, as a prepper we have three things we must remember 1.) prevention 2.) awareness 3.) intelligence. First, prevention, the easiest way to survive shooting yourself in the head is not putting any bullets in the gun rather then the popular idea of taking two out and spinning it and aiming for a part of the brain you don’t need. In a non metaphor way of speaking: help stabilize the country. Work to remove the liars and thieves from the government and replace then with honest innovators willing to lower their paychecks and use the money to fix the foundation of the country. Help create alternative technologies that use natural constant renewable resources that don’t pollute the environment. Remove the country from trying to control the world. Contribute to the world in a way that makes it a better place.
    Second, awareness, every person who has preps is that much less likely to take yours help raise awareness in your community so that every family has at least a bug-out bag per person ready at all times.
    Third and finally, intelligence, don’t become a prepper for the wrong reason and don’t do it at the expenses of the now. There are people who prep in fear of the poles shifting. That is not due for 5 thousand years and and the worst that will happen is anything use a guidance comp with a compass in it has a chance to crash and lots of people are going to get lost, while it will be chaos for a few days it will be more hilarious chaos from a comedy movie then Armageddon chaos. You need to fact check the disasters your preparing for and look for .gov sites as well as making sure the scientist writing the article is at least a real scientist not some crazies writing about how Yellowstone will supper volcano in December without have ever been to Yellowstone or actually seen the Mayan calender (it doesn’t end FYI it just begins again under a new horoscope sign with the age of Aquarius over in the year 5000). before I switch to not losing the now to the future I feel I need to ad some comic relief feel free to skip it. A note to all those preparing for the zombie apocalypse, WWZ for short. While I commend you for your boldness and think that seriously preparing for zombies gives you a level of insane genius that transcends to being awesome. And I myself put in a zombie proof moat around the perimeter of my bunker(i paid in advance for a month with the equipment and my fuel silo and garage bunker only took two weeks ill admit it I do things in boredom that could be called crazy, like writing an essay to perimeters I set and posting it on the website of a show I like to watch.) there are some key points to remember. There are two types of zombie:the undead and the near dead. If you see someone pulling itself slowly towards you missing everything from the waist down with entrails trailing behind it or some other should be lethal injury that doesn’t seen to affect it odds are these are chemical zombies and you can sing the “Na Na I was right and you were wrong” song as you fight for hours at a time defending your compound from the thousands of soulless corpses until such time as you kill yourself or join them. If all the zombies are super skinny, breathing and show sings of intelligence then these are hunger zombies. Lock them in a room with food, water, hygiene and a bed and attempt communication with them every few hours withing 72 hours they will become normal humans again if they don’t kill themselves at the realization that humans are at the core survivors who cannot fathom what it is to be someone else.
    Never forsake the present for the future. All to often I hear phrases like sure it was hard work now but when it happens I can sit back and enjoy my preps. Or it doesn’t matter what my wife thinks shell thank me when we survive. Even in my bunker with the moat,fence, mines, fence, killing field, death room, blast door, bulk heads, safe room set up could die during the first day of all this and if I had devoted my life relentlessly to prepping and hadn’t had any fun it would have been a wasted lifetime. Your families current well being and happiness are the most important thing fallowed by your happiness then you can prep.

    Overall, the country we live in is unstable and people need to help stabilize it while being ready for the potential collapse. However just because you are ready for the end and what comes after doesn’t mean you have a right to forsake the now. Oh and remember there’s two kinds of zombie so make sure before decide between chopping your hand off and cleaning it with alcohol and bandaging it. Always end with a joke. Ill sure try to.

  22. Marie
    May 15, 2012, 9:21 pm

    Those of you attacking Glen, saying that he’s going to expect other to take care of him etc. obviously did not read his entire post. He isn’t unprepared for an unexpected event, he has a different strategy for survival.

    His strategy focuses on having tools and relevant skills to make himself a useful member of a community and the rebuilding that will inevitably follow… rather than hoarding his resources in a bunker and protecting his “stuff” with a bunch of guns and ammo. His point is that most of the people highlighted in the NG show Doomsday Preppers will likely be targets and eventually over-run. Or, their area will become unlivable (fire, earthquake, hurricane, etc.) and all that stored food and firearms become worthless if they can’t take it with them.

    I consider myself a “prepper” but I don’t take things to extreme. I have food enough to last my family at least 6 months but it is food we eat anyway, so we are constantly rotating it or donating it to food banks well before the “Best By” dates.

    We have one high caliber and one small caliber hunting rifle, and a shotgun for small and large game and fowl. We garden and keep a large library of heirloom seeds. We have an inexpensive water filtration system and a wood stove that we use anyway. We also keep bug-out bags in case of emergencies with high density nutrition and water, and spare wool clothing. Each has lighting, an emergency radio, some basic hand tool, a medical kit, and a jar of coconut oil, which has many uses.

    We keep kits at home, at work, and in our cars. I know that what I have will get me and my family though most of the likely disasters we’re likely to face.

    If it’s “the end of the world as we know it”, I’ll be glad that I have excellent relationships with my neighbors and know how to sew, can food, forage, garden, and do wood working and that my husband can hunt and weld and has a background in construction, and electrical. We will be a useful asset to our community. I believe that if it comes down to that, we’ll all really need to pool our resources and come together in order to survive and have a higher standard of living. I for one, don’t want to be living in fear in a bunker beneath my house, or setting up land mines to kill unsuspecting people who wander onto our land.

    I also think the points Glen made about this being unsafe for children, well, it really is not fair for them to have to live their lives with the certainty that their worlds could end at any moment. They could still learn useful skills without having to carry around gas masks and practice setting up decontamination zones. I feel sorry for those kids, they must have terrible nightmares. I think it’s better to teach your children useful skills and teach them what to do in certain *unlikely* scenarios and stress that everything will be OK. I grew up with a father who was a hard core prepper and gun-dealer and I was in constant fear that the world was going to end every single day. I can’t get back all those years I felt terrified that my world could end at any moment, but I can protect my child from that today, and I do. I have fears that I try to deal with the best I can but most days I feel that even if the worst does happen, things will turn out OK. It’s taken me a long time to get to this point. I have a lot of sympathy for the people in Doomsday Preppers because most of those people don’t seem to be living in the moment and seem to have *a lot* of fear. I hope for all of our sakes that all of our preparations are never needed!

  23. Glen
    May 16, 2012, 7:11 pm

    Thanks Marie for your support. I’m happy to see that some sane people are also participating in this discussion.

    As you’ve pointed out, I’m not “unprepared” like many here try to pretend. I just don’t buy into the apocalyptical scenarios that “real preppers” are expecting if some poop hits the fan. My neighbors won’t turn into zombies because they are hungry. Even if a nation-wide catastrophe happens, there will be some level of authorities and Government left. It’s not true that we will be on our own and free to shoot anyone without any consequences. Eventually, after a couple days, weeks, or a few months, society will resume and life will continue. Look at the tsunamis in Thaïland and Japan… They had hundreds of thousands of deaths. Any riot? Any civil war? Any hungry zombies? Government down? Nope.

    We would need to be hit by a huge meteorite or a comet to end the world as we know it. If it ever happens, and if life will look like the movie “The Road”, then quite honestly, I hope I won’t survive that…

    By the way, I know a lot more about prepping and survival than many wannabee preppers think here… I’ve been a scout when I was younger, did the air cadets afterwards, and done a couple year in the armed forces. I’ve been parachuted in the middle of forests with minimal survival gear and lived there for 2 full weeks hunting, fishing, eating whatever was around me, and finding my way back to my base camp several miles away. I also grew up in a remote area so I know my way around in the forest and I spent all my childhood building tree houses, playing in the forest, or riding my minitrail motorcycle. Now, ask yourself a question: If you’re lost in the forest, would you rather be with me or with that fat lady from the 2nd episode of Doomsday Preppers who was claiming she would be the only one with 100 lbs to loose when the end of the world happens?

    My previous messages were not mean to the “die hard preppers” who will fight back everytthing I say with their usual survival rethoric and brainwashed BS. All I was trying to do is hopefully catch the attention of their wives, children, and relatives about their mental illness. Just to let them know that if they are worried by the hoarding of their spouse, maybe there’s something wrong? Seek medical advice and don’t let your spouse bring you down the path of mental illness.

    As I said before, most preppers depicted in the NG show exhibit some obvious signs of mental illness. Just remember that you don’t have to be a participant in your spouse’s nightmare and unreasonable fears. You don’t have to buy his/her crap about the end of the world coming soon. I’ve never said prepping is wrong, quite the opposite actually. Marie nailed it perfectly and it’s exactly what everyone should do. Making it through rough time for a couple weeks, or even a few months is OK, but if your spouse is always seeking every possible occasions to hoard more food and guns, then you have a serious problem. Think about your children. Marie is a living proof than it can be damageable to a child as she still live with some fears today. Preppers are hurting the mental health of their children! Wake up mommies! Don’t let your husband ruin their self-confidence and hapiness in their life to come. Let them be kids without any unnecessary worries, they’ll have enough to worry about when they get older.

  24. Kevin
    September 28, 2012, 4:30 pm

    First off! It is always good to prepare for any eventuality. As a former Boy Scout, Our motto is “To Be Prepared” Any good prepper worth their weight will prepare for anything circumstances. Wanting to defend theirselves or their family is not a sign of defectiveness.

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  26. vOv
    December 5, 2012, 12:27 am

    Glen, you are a judgmental snot. You had better hope that the rule of “law” remains in place, for if it doesn’t you would be in for a rude awakening with that mouth of yours.

  27. Mike
    January 15, 2013, 11:27 pm

    All of these people have severe mental illness. If something were to happen there’s nothing we can do about it. This intense paranoia consumes all aspects of their life. They should be institutionalized..

  28. Prepper Jobs | Extreme Survival Guide
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  29. Constitution Supporter
    December 24, 2014, 11:46 pm

    All human beings are preppers. A prepper is one who prepares for the future. You save money for college, that’s prepping. You make goals for your future – prepping. Storing food in the freezer – prepping. Buying a generator – prepping.

    Governments collapse all the time (Greece). Natural disasters happen all the time (Hurricane Katrina). During Katrina there were stories of people who were stranded and starved because they did not have food to sustain themselves for a few days, let alone a week or month.

    Those who call others “mentally ill” for preparing for the future are themselves the real mentally ill because they are also preppers. Each and every person is a prepper. Those who are so truly close minded to attack one of their bretheren by saying, “they should be institutionalized” for their opinion and their support of the peaceful ideology of prepping should take a look inward to their self.

    Where does such hatred of others come? Those who call others mentally ill for their preparedness are only further dividing this country and causing turmoil. The same ones who are preaching “peace, love, and help others” are shooting down their brothers and sisters with dangerous ideas of institutionalization and verbal attacks like “you’re mentally ill”. This intolerance of others (intolerance being the reason people fled tyrannical Britan to create this great nation of America) will only cause war, not the peace I’m sure any sane man or woman wants.

    For those who hate their fellow man for their idea of preparedness – If you don’t want to preach peace and tolerance of others there are other places for you, but America is not one. This is a free country, and will remain one as long there are others who also want the same.

  30. Vita
    October 8, 2015, 1:42 am


    March 14, 2012, 12:02 am
    when you spend all yo

    Jerzy may have a point people. I have thought the same thing life would be kind of boring with all the weirdo “peppers” left.
    And waste all your life prepping?