Growing Up With National Geographic

I grew up with a stack of National Geographic magazines in our family library that I would spend hours going through.  I loved the pictures from the most exotic corners of the World and seeing animals that I could not make up in my dreams.

When I was approached to do this project I was honestly thrilled to have any association with this amazing society and somewhat confused as to what we were actually going to do.  As it has developed though I am happy to let them into our home to show an example of people from different walks of life making an effort to leave a better Earth for our kids.  I have met so many amazing people that are doing the same thing, and much more, and literally cover every character from punk rockers to buttoned up bankers.  I hope our family can be another example of this – no matter what background you have or what beliefs you have we really all want the same thing.  We all want clean air, clean water and a healthy place for our children to live.  All it takes is some effort and an awareness that our actions do have consequences.  I want to be part of a generation that understands that without a healthy Earth we have nothing.

I hope you like it and I hope it can open up discussion amongst your family and friends about what role you play in leaving a better place for the future.

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