Catch Up with Beyond the Puck Before Episode 3 Premieres

From Krista Ference:

Yumm! I love this episode because it’s all about food! We eat well and our grocery bills are proof! We eat a variety of different foods and a lot of organic fruits and vegetables! The fridge is stocked for Andrew full of his favourite things… he always has the same breakfast so I know what to load up on! For the kids, especially since they are girls, eating healthy and eating together is important to build positive eating habits and ideas around food so they can grow strong body images and hopefully never get caught up in the @#$& that girls can go through! We aren’t crazy about our diets but we do try make sure that we eat fresh foods, meals and snacks made mostly at home with all the food groups… almost always some sort of dessert! Life’s too short! This is making me hungry… off to get a snack!

Sincerely ,

If you missed Episode 1: A Day in the Life, check it out!