NGC Fall Preview

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There’s a lot on our plate this fall, and we want to give you a little taste. Check out some new additions to the NGC programming lineup, as well as some of your favorite returning series coming soon:

Rocket City Rednecks and Mad Scientist—Two New Series Coming this October: These ain’t your average rocket scientists. Meet the self-proclaimed rednecks of the rocket city, a team of five dedicated to solving real-world problems with good ‘ol fashion redneck ingenuity. These country boys are saving the world with one bottle of moonshine at a time (but it’s not what you think). Then, is the next Edison or Einstein at work in the garage next door? We’ve traveled all around searching for Mad Scientists and found amateur inventors, weekend scientists and eccentric engineers, each with an idea that may be crazy enough to work—or just plain crazy. Two new series from Nat Geo prove that some seriously smart scientists can be found in some unexpected places:

Border Wars: All-New Season
Premieres Sunday, Sept. 4 9P et/pt.

Ever wonder what happens to all of the drugs, guns, cars, and money confiscated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents every day? Tune in to the fifth-season premiere of Border Wars and find out as we join the agents and officers on the front lines at some of the busiest border crossings in the country.

Brain Games: New Mini-Series Premieres Oct. 2011
Brain Games uses interactive experiments to hack into the world’s ultimate supercomputer, the human brain. Each episode focuses on a different topic: attention, sensory perception and memory. Illusionists demonstrate how your brain can be manipulated to see things that aren’t there, or to miss details right in front of your eyes. Curious? See if your mind can beat this trick:

How Hard Can It Be? Premieres Fall 2011

It made headlines around the world—a real-life “Up!” balloon house soaring more than 10,000 feet in the air. Now, see the full story behind this spectacular flight in the new mini-series, How Hard Can it Be?

Rock Stars: New Series Premieres Fall 2011
Sometimes even mountains come crumbling down. But not on their watch. We follow a tight-knit company of rock technicians as they trek all over North America to stop nature in its tracks and prevent treacherous rock slides with potential to kill travelers and even destroy entire communities. These men are on call 24/7 to scale boulders, manhandle 200-pound hydraulic drills, and stab 25-foot steel rods into sheer rock — all while hanging hundreds of feet above the ground.

Knights of Mayhem Premieres Fall 2011
Charlie Andrews leads the “Knights of Mayhem,” a group of modern-day Lancelots and Galahads dedicated to transforming this medieval sport from a staged act to a professional sports phenomenon that will sweep the globe. For these “knights,” jousting is no dinner show. Donning 130 pounds of steel armor, they mount 2,000-pound horses and charge at each other with solid hemlock lances at speeds up to 30mph to absorb devastating impacts with potential for concussions, broken bones and far worse.

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