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Tonight, David Scott will be tweeting live along with the premiere of his episode of Locked Up Abroad: Forbidden Love. In the meantime, check out our most pressing questions… and get ready to ask your own tonight.

How long were you in hiding at Cynthia’s cousin’s house?  About four or five months. It seemed like years because we had nothing to do all day…. We were paranoid. All we did was sit there and think about things.

What did you do when you first escaped to Thailand? Apart from having a drink? [laughs] Andrew Drummond met us at the airport and took us to his house. I knew by then that we couldn’t be arrested, so it was a hell of a relief…

Did you stay there for awhile or go straight back to England?  We were there about six months, going between Cambodia and Thailand, waiting to get an extension on our Visas. We also had to sort out things with Janina…  I had to get a DNA test to show that Janina was my daughter and could be a British citizen. So we managed to get Janina’s birth certificate and passport sorted out, and my sister was going to come over and pick up Janina and bring her back home to England. And I was all ready to jump start teaching, we had a flat ready, and finally we got Cynthia’s Visa approved. I never thought they’d never do it.

Do you keep in contact with the journalist from Thailand that helped facilitate your escape?  I actually spoke to him yesterday. I keep in touch with both Andrew Drummond and Andrew Chant [both journalists]. I owe them a debt of gratitude for what they did for us.

Where do you live now?  We live in Swindon, England, just outside of Stonehenge.

Were you and Cynthia able to get married?  That [legal paperwork] has only just come through, about two weeks ago. We might get married in the States. Both Cynthia and I have a lot of family in America. She wants to get married in New York, but I wanted to get married in California…. [laughs]…. We’ll probably do what she wants.

For the rest of the interview, visit the Locked Up Abroad: Forbidden Love page.

Can’t wait until 10P? Here’s a clip of tonight’s premiere:


  1. Martha
    November 5, 2016, 3:42 am

    How about Cynthia’s first two children with her ex husband? They are never mentioned again in the show.