Monday’s Featured Artifacts

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Are you ready to go on an expedition from the comfort of your home? Travel through Gladiator’s Colosseum, Cannibal’s Papa New-Guinea, Jack the Ripper’s Victorian London, and Abominable Snowman’s Himalayas with the click of a mouse… be sure to snap photos, because if you snap the right one… you just might take home what you find.

Have you tried Mission Expedition yet? We’ve got some really fun artifacts up for grabs today. You have the opportunity to find an actual Yeti footprint from a cast discovered in 1951. We also have found a newspaper from 1888 reporting on Jack the Ripper’s first murder. But if you play your cards right, you just might be sporting a yeti for your garden… there’s only one, so today is your last chance!

Be sure to tune in tonight to Expedition Week starting at 9P et/pt.

Happy Exploring!

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