Mission Expedition is Here!

From now until April 9th, you can virtually get in line to drive a miniature robotic train through re-creations of four Expedition Week characters’ hometowns. Drive through Gladiator’s Colosseum, Cannibal’s Papa New-Guinea village, Jack the Ripper’s London circa 1888, and the Abominable Snowman’s Himalayas. 

Along the way, if you’re lucky enough to spot an artifact, stop the train, snap a photo, and submit to see if the item you captured indeed represents an ancient artifact. If you get a match, we’ll mail you the real, life-size artifact. It’s a whole new level of digital exploration. For the full description and some highlights of the prizes you could take home, click here.

Be sure to check back often and we’ll post each day’s featured prizes. Study up, and you just might be lucky enough to take it home. Be sure to follow @mrabominable, @thejackripper, @thegladiatorman, and @hungrycannibal on Twitter for potential clues throughout the week! 
Ready to try your hand at exploration? Visit Mission Expedition >>