Swamp Fire

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Billie Swamp Safari is an animal park operated by the Seminole Tribe of Florida. This untamed land is home to over 1500 free-roaming, wild animals, such as American bison and alligators.

During the summer months in Florida’s Everglades, violent storms can appear suddenly. And Ed Woods, the Director of the park and overseer of the 3500-acre Seminole Cultural Area, receives a call that lightning has ignited dry brush, and there’s a fire growing along the swamplands.

In addition to the park’s animals, other creatures are in harm’s way – like deer, gophers, bear, tortoises, snakes and wild pigs. Only some of these animals are capable of fleeing powerful, fast-moving flames. And as Ed and the team surveys the fire and weather conditions, they’re on the lookout for injured wildlife.

But as the forest fire burns out of control and the wind begins to turn, the Billie Swamp Safari staff find themselves in the thick of things and must get out of the woods before it’s too late…

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