Nat Geo Channel’s Top 10 of 2010: #4 — Most "Can I Touch It?" Interactive

Lost Gold of the Dark Ages Treasure Viewer
Who hasn’t dreamt of winning the Mega Millions? However, at least for me, this dream of becoming an instant millionaire always revolves around a gas station and a lotto ticket. For one man, his millionaire status came by way of a metal detector.  But far more important than the dollar value of his findings was his contribution to history. Terry Herbert uncovered 1500 separate golden relics, the only Anglo-Saxon treasure hoard ever found. Together, they provide invaluable clues into medieval life 1400years ago.

This interactive takes us into the gold hoard where we are able to pan through the findings with so much ease that it makes me feel a little guilty. We take one man’s huge effort to dig up 1500 artifacts dating back a millennium and we can skim through them without one drop of sweat. Journey into the dark ages and discover details of a find just as important as King Tut’s famous treasure.

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