MySci Round-Up October 27: The Fifth Horseman is a Firesheep

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We’re seeing signs of ominous portent everywhere these days, but particularly in software developer Eric Butler’s new Firesheep extension to the popular Firefox browser, which allows you to essentially eavesdrop on any open WiFi network and capture social network users’ cookies.
On his website, the developer writes that 129,000 would-be snoops already have downloaded the extension, which will display the unwary social networkers’ names and pictures, but not their passwords. Butler says that his aim is not to facilitate a massive intrusion upon Facebookers’ privacy, but to prod social networking sites into taking necessary steps to protect their users from having their accounts hacked. Sure, And in Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal, Death was just trying to help Max von Sydow’s character improve his chess-playing skills. But if this all truly alarms you, you might want to check out this ingenious 
work-around that supposedly thwarts such surveillance.

And here are the other stories of the day, many of them suitably apocalyptic as well.

Paranormal activity finds mainstream acceptance. 
Increasing numbers of ordinary Americans are forming amateur investigative groups to probe reports of electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and other spooky stuff. As Fox Mulder used to say, “Trust no one.”

Did UFO contactee-prophet predict the Iraq war back in 1958? 
Hmmm…sure looks like Billy Meier did just that, somehow.

3,168 processor cores to power Chimera. 
We got pretty excited when we saw this headline, until we read further down and discovered that the “chimera” in question is not a human-animal hybrid, as the meaning of the word suggests, but the name of a spiffy new supercomputer at the U. of Delaware. Even so, it’s pretty cool.

Bigfoot Discovery Day has come and gone. 
It was held in Santa Cruz recently. And sadly, the big guy didn’t show up. Maybe next year?

Does quantum mechanics explain UFOs? Some say it would make teleportation possible.