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Back in 1999, young Patch was adopted from the Cobb Country Animal Shelter in Georgia by a loving family. For the last eleven years, his DNA make-up has been a complete mystery until now. 


The Canine Heritage Breed Test is a painless cheek-swab test that correctly identifies an extensive list of dog breeds. And while most people guess their dog’s DNA make-up by his appearance, company representative Robin Ray warns interested parties not to judge a pooch by his face personality and behavior are just as important indicators of breed! “Of any species in the world, the dog has the greatest variety,” Robin says. “What we find in testing the DNA is that what you see is not necessarily what you have.”

So I asked Patch’s owners, the Mahady family, to share a little bit about their beloved furry friend before we guessed his breeds.

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“We were told he was a year old [in 1999], so that makes him twelve… We had just seen the movie Patch Adams, so when I saw the newest member of our family had a white area on his chest, the name popped into my head and he seemed to like it. He guards our house faithfully from his perch in front of ‘his’ bedroom window. We can tell by his bark if a delivery person, neighbor, friend, child, strange vehicle, family members, etc. are in the vicinity of our driveway. When we get home from work, he ‘talks’ to us and lets us know what went on while we were gone; maybe a package on the front porch, the meter reader, or, worst of all, there was a thunderstorm… He has brought us a few ‘gifts’ throughout the years, including baby rabbits and chipmunks. He walks over two miles every day with my husband and enjoys exploring and smelling everything. His most unusual behavior involves the dog biscuit we always leave him when we leave the house and he is alone. He will not eat it until someone returns.”

Before testing, the Mahady’s guessed that Patch’s DNA make-up was part miniature schnauzer, Scottish terrier, and Irish terrier. 

Canine Heritage Breed Test DNA results are returned in a format as follows:

Primary: Testing revealed that the dog’s DNA contains 50% or greater of one specific breed. Because adopted dogs are so often a mix of lots of breeds, it’s pretty rare to receive results in a primary category.

Secondary: These breeds are a significant portion of the DNA make-up in your dog.

In the Mix: Traces of these breeds appear in the animal’s DNA, but they have the least amount of influence on your pet’s looks and behaviors. 

So do you think you can identify what Patch’s true breeds are? Scroll down to find out the results!

The Mahady’s swabbed Patch’s cheek to collect the DNA sample with a soft bristled brush, dropped it in the prepaid envelope, and waited 4-6 weeks for the results. 

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Patch’s Results:


Primary: 50% of more of Patch’s DNA make-up indicate the Miniature Schnauzer breed.


Secondary: There are no breeds in this category


In the Mix: Traces of Field Spaniel and Bernese Mountain Dog were found in Patch’s DNA sample.


Have you adopted a dog within the Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii or Canada?

Find out your dog’s DNA with the Canine Heritage Breed Test or other similar products and try your identification skills on more Guess the Breed posts!


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