Witness Katrina

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Five years ago, over a period of 72 hours in August 2005 — New Orleans changed forever. This unique town, world-famous for its cuisine, music, and Mardi Gras — was hit by a brutal hurricane, followed by a catastrophic flood, which in turn became the most destructive natural tragedy in recent history. 

Witness: Katrina distils more than 600 hours of original footage and audio to reconstruct this overwhelming, visceral tragedy chronologically from multiple viewpoints. The footage comes from over 100 sources, including national and internatinoal newsreels, government sources and amateur videos, much of which has never been shown before on TV.

People like Shelton Alexander, whose family sought shelter in the Superdome — Kennard Jackley, confronting his own mortality as the flood waters engulfed his home — Fabian and Pam Guerra, trapped in their attic and wondering about the fate of their dogs — and Cheryl York, whose running commentary on the disaster ranges from ruefully humorous to heartbreaking.

Video Preview: “Calm Before the Storm” — Residents of New Orleans enjoy an eerily quiet morning before the hurricane descends, and record footage of the decieving calm.

Video Preview: “Rescuing Hurricane Victims” — Follow firsthand witness accounts of Katrina victims as they are rescued by heroic citizens and the US Coast Guard.

Video Preview: “Caught in the Flood” — As Louisiana becomes overrun with flood water, some residents capture their harrowing experience firsthand on video.

Don’t miss Witness: Katrina premiering August 23rd at 9P et/pt.