Swamp Men

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Set in the Florida Everglades, Swamp Men explores the wildest animal park in North America, where the staff of Billie Swamp Safari work to fend off gators, bears, snakes or whatever comes their way, in order to keep danger away from the public.

Swamp Men airs on Nat Geo Wild Mondays at 8P et/pt.

Meet the Swamp Men!

ED: Ed Woods is the tough as nails Director of Billie Swamp Safari. A hardened ex-Marine, Ed has been with the park since its inception, but still carries the passion he brought to the job 15 years ago. He has high expectations and little patience, but when it comes to olerating practical jokes, Ed is game, as long as he’s the one pulling the prank. Otherwise, it’s “crapper-cleaning” time. When it comes to handling animals, gators to bears, he’s tops.

SHEA: Take a little bit of Richie Cunningham, toss in some Gomer Pyle…and that’s Shea. His Howdy Doody looks and overeager way about him scream novice. But what he lacks in experience, he makes up for in effort. Because of his fearless attitude and lack of experience, he’s been semi-jokingly tagged as “most likely to be bitten”.

PAUL: Handling gators since he left home at the age of 13, Paul has become a legend in the business. The old-timers respect him, the newcomers want to be him and Ed likes to tease him.  Unlike the other guys, this smallish man is capable of taking on the largest of alligators singlehandedly.

CORY: Cory is a rugged, yet handsome Seminole who knows the Everglades like the back of his hand. As a child, the wild gators, snakes and dangerous swamp waters were Cory’s playground. He is brave, strong and a natural leader, and the most experienced member of the park’s animal relocation team.

AJ: AJ is 6 foot 5 inches of whoop ass! A bit of a dichotomy, AJ is unmistakably African American, but the biggest redneck in the park. Growing up in the Everglades gave AJ the knowledge and confidence to handle any wildlife situation with a smile. He won’t think twice about jumping on a gator, but can be brought to his knees, vomiting at the sight of ugly feet, frogs or poop.

REY: Rey is a showman, through and through. He is fearless, feisty and wise. Rey has no problem laughing at himself or being the butt of others jokes, but when it comes to working with wildlife his experience breaks through. He proudly admits that he lives for his job, and may someday die for his job.

MATTHEW: Matthew is the most recent hire at BSS. He grew up in the nearby swamps, but is still trying to figure out his place in the “food chain” known as Billie Swamp Safari. As with anyone at BSS, Matthew is paying his dues, handling the crappy jobs as he works to gain the knowledge that is essential when working around dangerous wildlife.

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