Horses on the Rocks

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The MV Gabriel was in transit to Ponta Delgada when she ran aground in the Azores, just ten nautical miles from her destination. At the time, the Gabriel was carrying seven prized dressage horses, a cargo load that had never before crossed this salvage teams’ path, in their thirty years at sea.  With her tanks and engine room breached, the challenge was not only to save the living cargo – but to establish a way to refloat the vessel, before it’s too late…

Below: A horse box with prized dressage horses being lowered onto the carrier vessel, the Dragacor. The salvage team has never come across a cargo load involving horses.

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Video Preview: “Swiming in Oil” — The specialist called in to help the team remove tons of oil from the ship must earn the crew’s trust before any hard work begins.

Video Preview: “Saving the Azores” — Good riddance to bad rubbish! The team finally rids the barge of its oil — but will that be enough to save the shores?

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