Hungry Monkeys

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After being exiled from the luxurious Galta temple, it seemed that Zamir was destined to a life of hunger. But by joining up with a troop of rural renegades, Zamir is slowly adapting to his new environment.

Not along ago, Zamir was feasting on nuts, sweets and fruit. But now, sitting alongside a highway in India, hunger strikes. He tries his hand at catching a high-protein breakfast – ants – but flinches in pain as he endures their bites. The other monkeys forage, sit and pass the time patiently, seemingly unafraid of monkey catcher Dhanna Lal. But what are they waiting for?

Zamir soon discovers a delicious secret: lorry drivers often pay their respects to Hanuman by visiting the countryside monkey troops and feeding them bananas.

A New Episode of Rebel Monkeys airs tonight July 14 on Nat Geo Wild at 8P et/pt.